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Fairy Man

I was reading a magazine in the yard, enjoying the lovely weather and relaxing on My day off. I kept thinking that I heard something rustling in the grass, but I saw nothing´┐Żat first. Then I saw him- a teeny tiny little man hiding in the grass!

I chase him around in this POV video, stepping in front of him, trying to grab him in My hands, almost crushing him under My giant steps as I chase him through the grass.

I lose him for a moment- but soon the chase is back on as he dodges left and right, running for his life while I try to catch him. At last I corner him, pick him up and stuff him in a nesting pocket to keep him for My very own! I wonder if he is the only one out here?

99.9% POV

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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
11:40 minutes
940x560 H.264
POV, Point of View, Walking, Grass, Barefoot, Outdoors, Stepping, Sound Fx, Foot Sound Fx

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