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Eaten Alive in Nova's Sandwich

Last time Katelyn's younger brother, Jo, was over he told her about this funny dream he's had since they were younger. Telling her about it was the biggest mistake he could have made though because it turns out it wasn't a dream... he actually witnessed one of Katelyn's Giantess acts and thought it to be a dream because of how bizarre it was.

What did he witness? He saw Katelyn shrink someone down to a mere few inches and eat them! Regardless if he's telling other people it was a dream it may still raise curiosity, which is a risk she's not willing to let grow. So, sadly, even though they are brother and sister, what must be done must be done.

She hasn't the heart to do it herself so she chooses another Giantess in her group. Nova. A super cute, young blonde, who takes care of her tinies very gently even in the act of crushing and eating them. Jo doesn't know it but she's waiting for his arrival at Katelyn's house. When she answers the door, Nova welcomes him in and he follows her to the kitchen.

He's confused where Katelyn is and she explains everything to him while making the cheese sandwich which will hold his fate. She tells him to strip, as she doesn't like eating clothes, and surprisingly instead of running he actually strips naked! Curiosity has hold of him and on top of that... seeing Nova make a cheese sandwich has given him a full hard on so he's also distracted by his sexual excitement. Nova notices it and giggles. It's the last time he'll get to enjoy anything so she's kind enough to offer him a hand-job which he gladly accepts...

The strokes make him jizz in her hand in less than a minute and then she licks it all off, finishes her sandwich, and shrinks him to the perfect size for fitting in her beautifully made sandwich. She doesn't like her food to move around though, at least not too much, so before inserting him in her food she slips her bare foot out of her worn sandal and uses her toes to ever so slightly crush his legs and arms.

He's still very much conscious- the crushing has only disabled him and made him weak, so now there's absolutely nothing he can do to get out of her sandwich. He suffers bite and bite, as she eats him from feet to head, but it's not too painful as he's extremely attracted to her and her big lips coming after him! She thoroughly enjoys her sandwich and before she knows it, the job is done.

With Jo gone, his knowledge is now no more worry to any of the Giantesses in Katelyn's group. They take it very seriously when anyone unwelcome catches them in the act. Nova gets up to call Katelyn and let her know it's been done, and then she heads back to the kitchen to clean up.

This video features cheese licking, simulated hand-job, shrinking, sandals, barefoot crush (arms and legs), and pov from inside Nova's sandwich as she eats you from feet to head.

Special thanks to Jo for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
19:53 minutes
1280x720 H.264
sandwich pov, shrinking, barefoot pov, mouthcam, vore, eating, vorarephilia, Nova

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