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Squeezed in Katelyn's Hands

Ahh, Katelyn's all dressed up for going out! Now all that's left is deciding which pair of panties to wear. A teeny little thong, something lacy, barely there... she bends over and opens her panty drawer to decide but instead, she finds a surprise. One of her shrunken slaves is in her panty drawer without permission! >:0 Katelyn's attention directs to him and before he knows it he struggles for air in her tightening fists as punishment.

That little pervert! Just because he's tiny, does he think he can go anywhere he wants anytime as if he's some kind of pet?! Katelyn kindly reminds him of his place while she squeezes him. She takes delight in noticing that her shrunken slave has a thick boner from the squeezing and increases the pressure that much more to control his pleasure. He can't help it. Pain is pleasure to him, and Katelyn plays around with this more and more squeezing him harder and harder to the point where he loses air as his fragile little bones start breaking.

His little heart and cock throb in pleasure as he gets the life squeezed out of him. Katelyn also rubs him between her big bouncy breasts, and then brings him up to her mouth as she continues to crush him in her hands with increasing pressure. Once she licks his face some, and tightens her grip, it's too much for his body and his cock to handle. He blew a load a second before getting crushed for good in her big sexy hands.

Now, where was Katelyn again... right... panties! She thinks she'll just go pantiless tonight! ;)

This video features a shrunken slave who gets off to being crushed alive in the ever so tightening grip of Katelyn's sexy bare hands, fingers, and palms! Also included is a brief upskirt moment at the beginning, some breast tease with the tiny, and some face licking at the end- all with a -squeezed in Katelyn's hands- theme throughout!

Special thanks to Mathieu for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:11 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
hand fetish, shrunken man, squeezing, boobs, upskirt, hands, palms, fingers, face licking, 5 inches, 6 inches, Katelyn Brooks

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