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Revenge on Nova's Ex Coworkers

Nova's laying on the bed with her phone in hand. Katelyn comes up and asks how she's doing.

Nova: (Sighs) "I'm ok, but job hunting has been rough. I've put in about 20 applications and in three weeks I only have a handful of interviews lined up... from the places I applied to as a last resort, actually. Uggh."

Katelyn: "Aww, I'm sorry. Is there any way I can help you?"

Nova: "Mmmm... I had a feeling you'd ask and actually, yes, there is something you can do"

Katelyn: "Oooo, well what would that be?"

Nova: "Well, you know the whole reason I'm jobless to begin with is because of my ratty ex co-workers. If they had never decided to rat on me for masturbating at work -oops, *giggle*- well then, I'd still have my job and all. I probably would have never done it again too... well maybe... but the point is, my sexuality is all about getting revenge on those who've done me wrong and so now I'm horny for THEM to get it!

Katelyn: "Ohh, that's kinda hot... I like where this is going. So what would you like to do to them?"

Nova: "Well, I was actually thinking I'd indulge your Vore fetish, because I'd really love to see you getting my revenge for me! I um... borrowed your shrinking device earlier... you should look between my toes *grin*.

Katelyn: "Aaah! There's so many of them... I've been craving shrunken people too."

Nova: "I knew you'd be excited! Dive right in Katelyn... with your tongue planted right between my big toes haha! Ohhh, it is still MY revenge though so if you want to eat them all then you'll eat them exactly how I tell you ok?!"

Katelyn: "Mmm, ok. I can't complain. I do get to eat them after all!"

For the rest of the video we hear Katelyn and Nova pinging back and forth with pleasure while Nova tells her how she'd like to each individual ex coworker to be eaten, as each of their turns come up, and they enjoy every second of it with playfulness and moans of happiness and satisfaction here and there!

Katelyn has chewed and swallowed all of her ex coworkers. Shrunken men, and shrunken woman. The last one is secure in her cheek like a piece of candy.

Nova: "I LOVED my job, and I want it back. So hopefully now that there will be so many people missing... my boss, I mean ex boss, will call me and BEG for me to come back. I'll play it off like I was just about to land x job for x salary, to make him feel desperate for me-- and him paying me more will be HIS punishment for firing me. And on the first day... I'll sit there at my cubical and get off to what we just did, all while being rewarded financially for it, and feeling completely secure again!"

Katelyn: "You know, it sounds like you'd make for the perfect hit-woman. Think about it. I know you have a thing for getting other people's revenge too, if you see it fit. So you'd always be sexually satisfied, you'd get rich quick. And I'd be more than happy to let you use my shrinking device and eat more shrunken people for you."

Nova: "You could be my accomplice!"

Katelyn: "Ooo I like the sound of that! We should talk about the detail over some sushi that I'd like to pile ontop of the tinies inside of me!"

This scenario was scripted by yours truly! Dialogue is simply the premise (acting is not word for word).

This video features: sole shoes (Nova), tiny people between every toe (Nova), vore (Katelyn licks them out from Nova's toes and either chews or swallows them.) This video is priced at a discount because I admit I could have done better with the shots and my acting.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
22:00 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, toe licking, bare soles, two girls, swallowing, chewing, Katelyn Brooks, Giantess Nova

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