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Hunted and Swallowed Whole by a Demoness Kitty

A Demoness kitty, Katelyn, has awoken from her nap wondering where her prey went off to... she caught two shrunken men and was going to eat them after her cat nap. What fun, though- since they've escaped they're now going to be hunted by her again. It only takes a few crawls off of her cozy couch, and across the fluffy white rug, to find one of her shrunken men hiding underneath of it. He's shrunken down to such a cute little size that he could fit under such a place!

He knows what being caught again means. Kitty is awake from her nap and it's time to eat. He's been hunted, is the lesser on the food chain, and will be swallowed whole like a rat. Katelyn licks his tiny body all over, preparing it with saliva for her belly, and then slips him in and out of her mouth to enjoy her catch for just a few moments before *gulp*! After her loud gulp sending him to his fate, she rubs her belly in pleasure and then gets up to hunt the other half of her meal down. She does have two shrunken men, after all!

She looks under the couch, but quickly finds him hiding behind her plant. There you are! He'll be joining the other in just a minute. He gets sucked on, licked, pressed between her breasts, graced in circles around her beautiful belly, and then sent down to it with one more big *gulp*! But not before telling him that his ultimate fantasy to get swallowed by a Demoness kitty is coming true... she says it in a somewhat sarcastic way, making her own fantasy HIS! ;)

Now it's time for another cat nap!

This video features two 4" shrunken men props, a Demoness kitty scenario including cute ears and ravenous purring, hunting for shrunken men prey and swallowing them whole, and belly close ups with rubbing!

Special thanks to Nery for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:04 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
furry, kitty, vore, 4" shrunken man, licking, swallowing whole, vorarephilia, swallowed alive

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