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Shrunken Ass Slave's First Day

Katelyn has a new ass slave- so what's that mean? Time to break him in! She was surprised how easy it was to shrink him down to such a tiny little size. Must mean that he's weak! So to start off with breaking him in she places him on her glass table, gently sits on his shrunken body, and gracefully rocks her hips back and forth. He's so tiny that she can't really feel him so she peels her pants down, revealing her sexy pink panties, and then rocks herself ontop of him again.

She makes sure he knows his place by telling him that he's just an object for her mere amusement and then wanting to feel his size in more detail, she removes her panties and slips him in between her ass crack right against her asshole. Mmm, she likes feeling him there! Every squirm is felt in such exquisite detail at such a sensitive area...

After playing around with him under her bare ass some more it's lunch time. She pulls up her thong, trapping him between her ass cheeks, and goes off to get lunch.

The next morning she wakes up and he's exactly where she left him the night before. Tucked tightly between her ass cheeks, held in by her smooth pink striped panties. She had a dream that he was up inside of her asshole all day long, continually driving her to ecstasy with every movement, so today her ass slave will serve her exactly as such. She grabs her lube and lubes up her asshole really good, fingers the rim a bit, and then slips him inside. *Mmmhh!* he feels so good in there!

Next she heads to her office to begin the day's work. He'll stay up inside of her asshole for the entire day as she works, eats, cleans, runs errands, and relaxes. After a minute of cleaning up her computer files she heads downstairs to get her coffee. She almost forgot that he's there already! Hopefully he doesn't suffocate... if he's lucky maybe she'll have some Mexican for lunch to get some air bubbling on down there for him!

This video features underglass buttcrush play, anal insertion, and outside ass views with Katelyn's slave deep inside of her ass.

Special thanks to my ass slave for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:25 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
ass, buttcrush, anal insertion, panties, shrunken man, pussy, striped panties, pink panties, office, glass table, chair, Katelyn Brooks

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