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Obsessive Cleaner 2

Katelyn's been feeling OCD lately and has just arrived home for the day, expecting the house to be immaculate as she's hired a promising sounding maid service. Getting on all fours to inspect, she's quickly disappointed to see dirt under the fold out chair, food debris on the floor, and even a few strands of hair. *Sigh!* Immaculate my ass! And here she was looking forward to having an OCD free night of relaxation. She can't help it so she grabs a bottle of cleaner, paper towels, and begins cleaning every little crevice maid service had missed.

Focused into her OCD spot cleaning, she doesn't realize it but there's a very tiny man down by her long fuzzy white socked feet. Just a slight movement towards his direction renders him helplessly stuck to the fuzz of her slightly moist thick socks. He tries to struggle but finds himself completely trapped to the cleaning Giantess's feet. As Katelyn moves back and forth wiping the floor, she slightly squishes him under her socks, lightly and over and over as she moves around, and she also walks a little with him stuck to her socks at the end of her cleaning.

He survives her socks but probably not for long, as he's still stuck to the bottom of them. Luckily she's going to go do something else for a little so maybe he can break free...

This video features long and thick fuzzy white socks, unaware crush play with one shrunken man prop, cleaning, and bent over on all fours with some brief upskirt panty views.

Special thanks to Nick for ordering this custom video! Click here to check out my first Obsessive Cleaner video, made many many years ago featuring barefoot unaware!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:06 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
unaware, shrunken man, thick fuzzy white socks, cleaning, Katelyn Brooks

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