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A Giantess Fetish Girl's Orgasm

It's been a while since Katelyn's masturbated with her tinies ones since she's been enjoying her single life lately with full sized partners, however, she's not been able to cum at all the last few times. Thinking through it, she realizes that she hasn't done anything with her tiny ones in quite a while and her best guess is that's probably exactly what she needs. Needing release, she grabs a handful of tinies and bottle of lube and starts off with a some size fetish foreplay.

She places a few of them on the floor and drizzles lube all over them, and then rocks her big bare soles back and forth ontop of them, crushing them into a silky mess. She's now nice and warmed up, panties wet, so she takes the rest onto the bed with her. With them in her hand she tells them she's in the mood for it wet and sloppy, so to continue her foreplay she lowers her lips down to the crowed to prepare them for her pussy.

She excitingly opens her mouth and extends her tongue to them, licking them all over making their little cocks rock hard (and pussies soaking wet) in her hot sticky saliva- swallowing just one or two of them in the process. She then closes her palm containing the soaked crowed of horny tinies and uses her other hand to rub her clit in little circles and drizzle lube on her meaty pussy pussy lips, preparing herself for inserting her fist full of horny shrunken sex slaves onto her most sensitive area.

Once her pussy is all juicy wet with lube, and ripe for action, she rubs them up and down the length of her sex and gently pushes some of them inside of her with the dip of a finger here and then. She wants to feel them squirming against her so she pulls her panties back over her pussy to trap them, and humps her hips up and down to enjoy their every movement. Craving more intense stimulation, she grabs a vibrator (her Hitachi magic wand) and circles it around her clit, while also fingering herself and pushing tinies inside of her and swirling them all over her pussy until she climaxes not caring who survives and who doesn't.

Ahhh, so satisfying! She tells the survivors that she'll want more later. For now she's off to impulse to the bakery to get herself a delicious slice of cake and when she returns she'll collect them from the bed and put them somewhere safe!

This video features pussy, insertion, light barefoot crush, vore (just two), unbirthing (shoving tinies into my pussy and pushing them back out), masturbation with a vibrator / Hitachi wand, fingering, talking like a porn-star, moaning, light licking and spit play, trapped in panties, and much more!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:49 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
lots of tinies, crush, vore, insertion, unbirthing, masturbation, saliva, spit, wet pussy, lube, soaking, vibrator, Hitachi Magic Wand, trapped in panties, short shorts, hot brunette, Katelyn Brooks

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