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A Shrunken Wrestler's Last Match

Katelyn arrives to her wrestling match and she's surprised to find that her opponent is a shrunken man- how does he ever think he's going to win? It doesn't seem like he has any special abilities or anything to make up for his small size either because she pins him underneath her massive feet (in comparison to him) like he's a mere toy!

While sitting she pins him under one of her feet, verbally teasing the crap out of him, and then she stands up and shows him how easily she could crush him by placing her heel between her legs and the ball of her foot on his chest while raising her other foot. Then she uses her nails to tickle torture him- oh, he hates it! After that burst of amusement, she even pins him underneath her boobs!

Looks like she won! Perfect that he's already shrunken too, because she actually... eats her opponents when she wins! Yep! She tells him that he'll now be sliding into her mouth, down her throat, and living in her belly while her body ever so slowly digests him. She opens her mouth wide and swallows him whole, and gets SUPER bloated from eating him. Phew!

Next she turns around and looks at the coach. Eating her opponents whole is her secret to staying strong, and she hasn't lost a match since doing so. He already knows she'll have to eat him too so no one finds out so it's no surprise to him when she rubs him all over her big bloated belly, but it is a bit torturous listening to Zach who is painfully digesting inside of her.

After sending the coach down to join him, her belly bloats more then ever. Oof! She can barely even talk or move with comfort. Walking around and rubbing her belly helps so she does exactly that, while talking to the shrunken men inside of her, and then heads out.

This video features an anatomically correct doll, pinned under bare feet, tickled, pinned under bikini boobs, doll sized vore, swallowed whole, red lips, big bloated belly closeups, two dolls get vored, rubbed against Katelyn's bloated belly, some underneath belly pov and pov from Katelyn's view looking down.

Special thanks to Zach for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:35 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
doll sized, vore, bloated, belly, bikini, wrestler, pinned underfoot, tickling, pinned under boobs, Katelyn Brooks

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