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Vore for Impregnation

Katelyn's a witch who, for the past few years, has been on the hunt for the perfect mate to reproduce with. With the deep desire to reproduce, but not being able to find the perfect mate, she looks through a new magic book to see if there's a way- and there is! It calls for a special potion, and nine shrunken men in place of each month she'd have to be pregnant. But the labor will happen almost instantly, so it's even better since she won't have to wait!

With her book in hand she heads out to get the ingredients for the people and also to hunt and shrink the meant down- some of which will be her ex boyfriends who didn't want kids so that she can get what she wanted out of them anyway! Upon her return home, she has the magic potion in hand in a glass bottle and her shrunken prey in her other hand in a prescription bottle. Time to let the magic happen!

She references her book for directions. After shaking the magic potion to activate it and then drinking it, she then lifts the bottle of shrunken men to her mouth to savor each and every one of them with the enjoyment knowing that she will be pregnant by the time she's eaten all of them.

At first she brings them one by one into her mouth in various sexy ways. Licking from the bottle, taping it onto her tongue, licking from her hand, eating some as a group, etc, until she's eaten all nine. She has a few left over too- she shrank more than nine men as backup just in case!

In the middle of wondering what's going to happen next, she stands up due to painful yet pleasurable expansion happening to her belly. It's begun! She opens her button down shirt, pulls up the lace tank underneath, unbuttons her jeans, and feels the smooth tan skin of her belly as it pushes outwards with baby growing at a very fast pace inside. She's even getting pregnancy symptoms- and walks off to the kitchen to satisfy her extreme hunger!

After returning from eating a delicious creamy pesto pasta meal she lies on the couch and feels bigger than ever with now being about 5 months pregnant. Even after eating all of that food, she still has room for desert, and she wants to eat as much as she can to nurture the baby growing inside of her so she grabs the remaining shrunken people. Lying on her back she teases the prescription bottle containing the rest of them and takes her time savoring their lifes for her needs. After they're all gone, she takes a nap- hoping to wake up in labor!

This video features a witch who drinks a home made potion and savors the lives of more than 9 shrunken men to make herself pregnant. Lots of playful and teasing vore, big juicy lips, throat views, belly expansion, and a pregnant belly prop was used for the end of this video!

Special thanks to Steve for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
30:40 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Impregnation, Vore, Belly Expansion, Witch, Lips, Mouth, Tongue, Throat, Uvula, SM

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