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Sleeping Peeping

I was snoozing in My lingerie on the couch when an escapee little man climbs up on the couch and wakes Me by mistake. Dazed- I come to realize what has happened- and begin his punishment.

I tease him with My bare feet, threaten and almost crush him with My bare ass... then I realize that I have an even MORE dangerous item nearby- My stinky slippers. They smell sooo bad, the stench alone might him. If not, surely Me walking around with him in there will.

This clip has lots of POV :)

This video is also available as Part One and Part Two at Isabelle's Clips4Sale Store!


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
25:08 minutes
960x540 H.264
SM Punishment, PoV, Booty, Bare Feet, In Shoe, Thong, Isabelle Shy

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