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The Test

Katelyn and her boyfriend would like to take their relationship to the next level by having sex, but since she's still living under her mother's roof the boyfriend must pass a test before he gets to fuck her daughter. Katelyn's nervous that Mark isn't ready for the test yet though, because she doesn't want to lose yet another boyfriend. Her previous boyfriends not only didn't pass but they were never seen again.

Regardless of Katelyn's concern, her boyfriend gets pushy on the phone... All of their friends are fucking but he's still a virgin and that's very upsetting to him. He tells her that he's ready for it and Katelyn caves and calls her mom to set the test up for today at 4 when Katelyn's out at cheerleading practice.

4 o'clock rolls around and not knowing what to expect, Mark arrives and follows Katelyn's mom upstairs and sits on her bed as told. Her mom starts to question him and he soon realizes this is a test about the strength he'd have in a cheating situation. Her mother actually comes onto him really hard, stripping, feeling his legs up, grabbing his boner- she goes all out. And guess what? He starts panting and doesn't push her away, regardless of her saying anyone worth her daughter would do so!

Before he knows it his virgin cock is in Katelyn's mom's pussy, her immediately telling him to come closer and kiss her. He cums immediately during the kiss and little does he know her saliva begins to make him shrink. Still collapsed ontop of her from cumming, she first calls Katelyn to see if she'd like to take care of him herself or if she'd like her mom to do it. They get off the phone and he shrinks down to a few inches, and then even smaller.

Reaching down in between her legs, she lifts Mark's shrunken body up to her mouth and begins to lick him all over and feel him on her nice pink lips. She hasn't done this in a while and has actually been a bit excited at the thought of swallowing him. She carefully dips his shrunken body into some olive oil on the nightstand so that he'll slide down her throat nice and smooth, and then she almost gulps him down. Before doing so, she tells him that since he couldn't finish her off she'll do so herself while he's digesting deep inside of her.

After that, she loudly gulps him down and cums almost instantly while feeling her body and masturbating her pussy. That felt so good but now she must go pick up Katelyn!

This video features a seductive mom who tests her daughter's boyfriend to see if he'd cheat on her. (You can actually see and hear the boyfriend.) After failing the test he shrinks and then gets swallowed whole, and Katelyn's mom cums to him digesting inside of her!

Special thanks to Mark for ordering this custom scripted video! (Script below for those curious)

"In this scenario I'm your high school sweet heart and we have been dating for a few months.

You call me on your cell phone:
Katelyn: Hi Mark, Are we going out tonight?
Mark: I don't know Katelyn. We've been dating for six months now but you still won't let me have sex with you. If you really loved me you would sleep with me by now.
Katelyn: Mark I've told you over and over again that my Mom has a very strict policy about that. I'm not allowed to have sex with any of my boy friends unless they get tested first.
Mark: I know but what do you mean tested I don't even know what that means. Why do I have to be tested.
Katelyn: It's my Mom's rules and she said as long as I still live under her roof I have to follow them. Mark I don't know if you're ready for it yet. Lets just wait and see how things go.
Mark: No Katelyn I don't want to wait any longer. All of our other friends have sex and I'm still a virgin. I've waited long enough.
Katelyn: Well Mark I'm only waiting for your own good because I'm worried about you. I'm not sure you're ready for the test yet.
Mark: What do you mean worried about me?
Katelyn: I'm worried if you fail the test Mark. All of my prior boy friends have all failed the test and I never got see them again. I Love you and don't want anything to happen to you.
Mark: Happen to me? Nothing is going to happen to me. I love you too. Just call your Mom and tell her I'm ready to be tested. We've waited long enough.
Katelyn: Well, are you sure you think you're ready?
Mark: Yes of course. I've been ready
Katelyn: Okay hold on and I'll call my Mom and find out
Katelyn: Hi Mom, Mom you know Mark and I have been dating for six months now. He's really nice and he said he's ready to be tested so the two of us can take our relationship to the next level.
K-Mom: Oh my Katelyn are you sure? You know none of your other boy friends have been able to pass the test yet. What makes you think Mark is any different?
Katelyn: Mom I think he's different. He says he really Loves me and I believe him. I'm pretty sure he can pass Mom. Or at least I "think" he can.
K-Mom: Well okay Katelyn as long as you're sure. Tell him to come over at 4pm and I'll be ready for him. Remember you cannot come home until I call you to let you know if he passes or not.
Katelyn: Okay Mom I'll tell him. Thanks
Katelyn: Mark my Mom said she will give you the test. You're to meet her at the house at 4pm. I won't be there until either you or her call me following the test. Just ring the door bell and she'll be waiting for you.
Mark: Great thanks Katelyn.
Katelyn: Your welcome just be careful. I love you
Mark: I love you too

(4pm Mark rings door bell and is greeted at the door and invited in by Katelyn's Mom - Mark can't help but notice Katelyn's Mom looks absolutely stunning.

K-Mom: Hi Mark, Please come in it's very nice to see you. Katelyn tell's me your ready to be tested is that right?
Mark: Yes Miss Brooks but what exactly does that mean "tested" Katelyn wouldn't tell me.
K-Mom: Well this is something we have to discus in private. Follow me up to my room where we won't be disturbed.
(mark thinking) Damn Katelyn's Mom looks way better than usually. It's obvious where Katelyn gets her good looks from.
Just have a seat here on my bed Mark.
Mark: Well okay but I feel kind of uncomfortable being in your bedroom.
K-Mom: Don't worry about it just try to relax.
K-Mom: Well Mark, I need to test you to make sure you're good enough for my daughter. I have to protect her you know.
Mark: Miss Brooks I love her and think she's great. I would never hurt her or do anything wrong
K-Mom: That's good to hear Mark but how do I know you won't cheat on her or anything like that?
(Katelyn's Mom stands over Mark while raising one of her feet up to rest on the bed. She looks down at Mark while seductively exposing more of her cleavage)
Mark: Oh Miss Brooks never I would never cheat on Katelyn
K-Mom: I like your answer but are you sure? What if another girl came on to you? Would you be able to control yourself?
(Katelyn's mom looks at Mark even more seductively and slowly opens her front exposing her boobs while at the same time begins gently rubbing her bare foot in Marks lap)
(Mark- confused but turned on not knowing what to do, thinking Katelyn's Mom is incredibly hot and so much more mature and womanly than Katelyn is. Her scent and pheromones are over whelming Mark's hormones - gets wood and tries to hide it)
Mark: Stuttering very badly - No Miss Brooks I'm sure I could be faithful to your daughter.
K-Mom: But Mark what if they really come on to you like this
(Katelyn's Mom quickly removes her top and slips out of her shorts planting her now naked body in Marks lap) (reaches between Marks legs feeling the lump)
K-Mom: What's this?
Mark: Miss Brooks what are you doing - I'm still a virgin and have been saving myself for Katelyn
K-Mom: You can still say no. Anyone worthy of my daughter would still say no which you better do if you know what's good for you.
(Katelyn's Mom stands Mark up and proceeds to rip his clothes off (encounters no resistance from Mark) - Leans back onto the bed pulling Mark on top of her. Guides Mark's virgin cock inside of her moist waiting pussy)
(Simulated fucking like in "fucked and swallowed" including the mouth and tongue play)
(Mark thinking - what am I doing? This is Katelyn's Mom who is also old enough to be my mom. I love Katelyn and I'm failing the test - but Katelyn's Mom's pussy felt like heaven and Mark cannot stop)
K-Mom: You like my mouth? Come closer I need you to kiss me (licks lips)
(Pulls Mark in and gives Mark a seductive french kiss which instantly causes Mark to orgasm right inside Katelyn's Mom's pussy. Mark colaspes in exhaustion on Katelyn's top of Mom's body. It was the most intense orgasm he'd ever had. Katelyn's Mom leg locks Mark to her body while picking up and dialing cell phone)
K-Mom: Hi Sweetie it's me
Katelyn: Hi Mom, did he make it did he pass the test?
K-Mom: No sweetie he didn't even try to resist. He was definitely not worthy of you. I'm so sorry.
Katelyn: Aw darn it Mom I really liked that one.
K-Mom: I know sweetie I'm sorry. Do you want me to take care of him for you or would you like to come home and do it?
Katelyn: Go ahead and take care of it for me Mom. I don't want to have to look at him again.
K-Mom: Okay sweetie. Give me just a couple of minutes and then come on home.
(Mark begins to recover from his orgasm and try's to get up but finding himself locked by Katelyn's Mom's legs. Tries harder and quickly realize's Katelyn's Mom is much stronger than he is)
Mark: I know I failed the test. I'm sorry Miss Brooks. What did you mean when you told Katelyn you would take care of me.
K-Mom: Mark this is your fault. You were suppose to resist me. I could get into a lot of trouble for sleeping with a minor so now I have to take care of you.
(Mark struggles to pull away again but to no avail. Katelyn's Mom actually pulls Mark in closer wrapping her arms and legs around him. Don't try to fight me. In another minute or two you'll begin to shrink)
Mark: Shrink? What do you mean shrink?
K-Mom: I have magical powers and my saliva has the ability to shrink people. When we kissed right as you orgasmed I salivated into your mouth. It's just a matter of time now.
(Sure enough Mark notices he's shrinking and fast too)
Mark: Oh crap no! No now what?
K-Mom: I already told you, I have to get rid of the evidence and you're the evidence.
Mark: No no please? Please don't do this!
K-Mom: Oh calm down. I'll make this quick. It'll all be over before you know it.
(Marks finishes shrinking to about two inches, Katelyn's Mom holds him and looks at him)
K-Mom: Just so you know. Although for my daughters sake I had hoped you would pass the test never the less I anticipated you would fail. I've looked forward to this. I haven't eaten anything all day and my body is starving right now. I'm going dip you in some olive oil so you'll slide down my throat smoothly without being injured. After that my insides will begin to rip you apart and dissolve all of your nutrients which will be completely distributed through out and absorbed in support of my body. No one will ever see you or hear from you again.
Mark: No please have mercy
K-Mom: One last thing just so you know. You got me all worked up but couldn't finish the job. I'll finish myself off out here while by body finishes you off in my belly.
(pops Mark in mouth swishing and "swallow" sound)
(Masturbates and takes nap while her body absorbs Marks)"


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