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A Crushed Pest

Katelyn just finished studying for Algebra class and while doing so, she also figured out what she wants to do with you, her shrunken slave. You think you'll get to be her study buddy and all, and you want to worship her ass or get digested by her, but none of that's going to happen. She's going to get what she wants from you, and that's to crush you under her feet like the true pest you are to her.

However, with knowing how much you like her, she's nice enough o give you one last chance to cum to her. Knowing you better take it while you can, you start to desperately fap it to her.

Teasing you a for a few moments, she shows you the ass you'll never get to touch, and the belly you'll never get to be digested inside of. Too bad! She raises her foot, spreads her toes, and begins to slowly crush you beneath her big toes.

She really doesn't like you and lets you know by both humiliating you and keeping you under her feet. She laughs at how hard you're fapping it and in her excitement, she accidentally touches your cock with her foot... eW!

In her disgust, she raises her foot and lowers it closer and closer, crushes you, and twists your shrunken body into her carpet. Ew again! She observes your mess for a moment, being happy you're gone for good, and then covers your remains with one of her cheerleader pom poms.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
3:51 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
toes, pov, barefoot, crush, slave, humiliation, thong, bra, panties, foot fetish, Katelyn Brooks

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