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Little B's Gentle Giantess Birthday

It's your birthday, little B! You open your eyes to discover you're at one of favorite spots- underneath Katelyn's sexy bare soles! She's still asleep, but wakes up in a few seconds and warmly greets you a happy birthday! Right away, she begins flirting with you in her bra and panties. You'll be having a lot of fun on your special day, starting with getting to explore her body from soles up!

Beautifully smiling, she invites you onto her mountainous body. You first enjoy a few minutes at her lovely soles- she scrunches her feet and reaches for you with her toes. You then run up the bed all the way up along her sexy shapely legs while she traces her sole up her leg farther and farther for you to follow.

Once you reach her thighs, right at her panties, she traces a finger up onto her hip. Carefully watching that you don't fall while climbing up onto her, she catches you slip and helps you crawl up onto her. Ohh-- You just love being in the palm of her hand!

You're at a safe spot on her body now, so she lures you with her breasts by popping them out and rubbing them. Oh my! You want them!! You run up her belly to her breasts and once you get there, she squeezes your body between their plush heavenly valley. She loves having you there and keeps playing with you!

Next up? A super delicious breakfast made specially for you! Smiling wider and blushing, she gives you a few kisses and then places you back in between her breasts for the ride to the kitchen!

This video features cutesy gentle giantess, birthday scenario (yours), body exploration, soles, legs, breast play, palms, and kisses! This video is priced at a discount because equipment (a light) got into the shot.

Special thanks to Little B for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:02 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Gentle Giantess, Soles, Palms, Boobs, Kissing, Legs, Birthday, Bare Feet, Foot Fetish, Panties, Nails, Handheld

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