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Head Suck and Fuck

Katelyn's had a crush on Matthias for a while. She has been waiting for the perfect chance to seduce him and shrink him down. With his family and friends out of town, she's taken advantage of the situation turning it into her fantasy with him. Little does she know, he's always fantasized about this too.

(The video begins) Katelyn makes sure Matthias knows how trapped he is by telling him how no one knows he's there, everyone he knows is far away, the doors and windows are locked, etc. She starts kissing him, making love to his body with her mouth and spitty wet tongue. She sucks on his head with great sexual enjoyment, leaving it in her mouth nearly forgetting to pull him out to let him breathe at times. With her enjoyment, she also plays around with drenching his face in her hot spit, and also licks his hard little cock while rubbing herself to climax.

Her climax wasn't enough. She wants to explore his little body more, specifically his cock and his head. She gets on the floor and gets him all silky wet with her cum and lube, and fucks his cock in her pussy and asshole and then rubs his head on her asshole while rubbing her pussy to get off again.

After having such a great time with him she gets on her bed, turns off the lamp, and kisses him goodnight.

This video features a shrunken man doll with a cock! He gets his head sucked on with lots of kisses, nearly suffocated in Katelyn's mouth, face spit on, cock sucked and fucked (pussy and asshole), and Katelyn rubs his head on her asshole (nearly inserting it) until she cums.

Special thanks to Matthias for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
28:22 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Doll Sized, Head Sucking, Anal Insertion, Pussy, Masturbation, Suffocation, Spit, Masturbation, Shrunken Man, Cock, Katelyn Brooks

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