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Life with a Giantess Humiliatrix

One of Katelyn's fans won the lottery and there's nothing more in life he'd rather have than to be enslaved by her, so he offers her the winning $100K ticket in return for taking him in as her slave. After she receives a 50% deposit, she accepts. He arrives and she gives him one last chance to change his mind. She doesn't think he knows what he's getting into and talks about how he will be hers, endlessly, to puppet around however she desires.

As she describes the down and dirty details to him, he starts blushing. He wants to be hers and there's nothing more in life he wants. Katelyn can see this in his eyes and easily starts dominating him. While on his knees, she grabs his wallet, talks about how she owns him now and what he'll do for her, has him repeat a few things she says such as "I live to serve Katelyn" and so on, all while showing off her beautiful body and ass.

He is hers now to do with as she pleases. And with liking her slaves shrunken down in size, she shrinks him to a mere inch and begins toying with him in one of her favorite ways- with her feet! She lounges on the couch and places him in between her toes. Getting a thrill out of humiliating her new slave, she rips his fetish apart making it very clear how much of a loser he is for wanting nothing out of life but to be owned by a beautiful girl. He sends every pay check on custom videos, has very few possessions worth anything,

After degrading him from multiple angles and verbally shredding him apart piece by piece, she tells him he'll next be ripped apart by her stomach acids. She pinches him out from in between her toes, drags his little body up her feet, legs, stomach, chest, up to her big beautiful mouth. Now it's time for him to say goodbye to everything he once had and everyone he once knew. Sad it has to end this way- she tells him to think of everything he could have gotten in the rest of his life if it wasn't for his fetish. But no, look at the situation this loser got himself into!

He can't even enjoy the last few moments of his life because he already came in between her toes and thong. Now it's just oh-so torturous for him! Katelyn's enjoying it though, so at least there's that. She licks and sucks and traps him in her mouth and then swallows him down into her belly to no return.

Several days later, Katelyn no longer feels him digesting in her belly. "Oh fuck, the loser finally met his fate!" she joyfully, sarcastically, says as she looks through her email to hunt down the pathetic loser she'll destroy next. Her cat comes by and she jokingly asks him if he thinks the next will be just as easy as whats-his-name was!

This vidoe features humiliation, femdom / slave, degradation, becoming Katelyn's shrunken slave, trapped between toes, bare soles, ignore fetish (brief), in thong play, and vore!

Special thanks to Al for ordering this custom made video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
37:11 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Humiliation, Soles, Toes, Foot Fetish, Vore, Katelyn Brooks

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