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8 Months Preggy Food and Vore

Katelyn, 8 months pregnant, opens up the fridge in ravenous hunger and places arm fulls worth of food on the table. She gorges herself with bites from each random food- cinnamon swirl streusel bread, whipped cream, yogurt raisins, cranberries, juice, tomatoes, pretzels, sweet tarts, and more. only to find that her appetite in insatiable. While squirting more whipped cream into her mouth, she fantasizes about what she's really hungry for. She doesn't know though, last time she had that she felt a little guilty...

She tries eating some more food but decides that she will go out and get what she's actually in the mood for. She might feel guilty again but it'll be worth it. She asks herself "now where did I leave the device from last time?"

Two hours later, she arrives back home. She almost got caught shrinking them all down! She tells them not to worry- she'll take care of them, while also talking about how they're all going to fill her amazing appetite.

Barely able to make it inside of the door with her excitement, she cannot wait another second without having one of them in her big hungry mouth. She plucks out a shrunken lady from the glass bowl with her fingers, licks her over and over, and devours her while moaning in satisfaction of satisfying her pregnant appetite. Before swallowing her, Katelyn lifts the bowl filled with around 100 city goers and sticks out her tongue with the shrunken lady squirming all over it. She tells them to say goodbye and gulps her down to no return.

She uses the bowl to trace the shrunken woman's path down the inside of her body. Telling them that's where they're all going to go too, she heads back to the table with all of her food from earlier. She said she's going to take care of them so it looks like they're all going to get one last meal while being HER meal.

Katelyn then devours some one by one, some together, and then the rest all together with her various foods- the last being the majority of them gulps down in a huge crowed while helplessly swimming in melted whipped cream getting gulped down her throat. Ahhh, finally, nice and full!

After relaxing on the couch with her feet kicked up for a good minute or so, she gets up to go get ready for and event she's going to tonight. She tries on a few different outfits while admiring her pregnant shape- and while modeling the different outfits, she also trips over and nearly crushes an Eiffel Tower decoration on the floor. After deciding on her outfit, she lies down on her bed to get a good nap in before leaving.

Shortly after lying down she discovers a shrunken man between her toes. She's really surprised he was able to survive all of that walking around trying on different outfits! What a shock. However, looking at him makes her hungry... so after crushing him a little bit in between her bare soles, she brings him up to her big mouth and swallows him to no return. Ahhhhh! With a completely full belly, she drifts off to sleep.

This video features a pregnant theme (Katelyn wears an 8 month's pregnant belly prop throughout the video), stuffing (lots of food / eating), vore (nearly all of her shrunken people are eaten with food), a very brief scene with her soles propped up while she digests food and shrunken people, trying on different outfits showing off her pregnant form, a brief in between barefeet play scene, and voring a single shrunken man while she lays on her bed to end. -- This video was meant to be much shorter so it's being priced at a discount. Also, please note that this video is 845MB, so it may take around 30 minutes to download depending on your internet speed.

Special thanks to Steve for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
47:32 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Pregnant Vore, Consumption, Shrunken People, Crowds, Food, Whipped Cream, Glass Bowl, Bare Soles, Foot Fetish, Eating, Katelyn Brooks

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