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Cumming to Digesting My Ex

Guess who you got to go on a date with last night? Katelyn Brooks. Now it's the morning after and she awakens you with lots of kisses. She lets you know she had a great time last night and maybe tonight it can go even further... but for now she has some errands to go run. You can chill at her place while she's gone.

When she gets up to get dressed, she slips a pair of panties on and hears her ex digesting in her stomach. She comes back to you so you can hear it too. She wasn't joking last night when she said she shrunk him and swallowed him whole. She doesn't know if you think it's kinky or weird... but hearing the sounds of her digestion and his last breaths inside of her is turning her on.

You can hear it too. The growling, churning, a little last scream as he drowns in her stomach juices, and then the silence from his dethh. While this is happening she rubs her tits and her panty covered pussy to get off. She turns around a few times to show off her ass, and let out one fart containing his last breath, and rubs herself while perched above you and makes herself climax.

What a great way to start the day. Oh, and one last thing, she says. For your sake, she hopes you aren't some manipulative asshole with no emotion like her ex was because if you are then you'll suffer the same fate as her ex.

This video features digestion sound effects, one fart, and up-dress fapping through panties.

Special thanks to TheSemeraz for trading programming for this custom scenario!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:30 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
digestion, masturbation, farting, upskirt, pov, bedroom, dress, panties, stomach, belly, Katelyn Brooks

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