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Granted into Katelyn's World Part Two

Katelyn has grown bored of having her full size slave in a cage like a dog. It's begun to feel like a bore having him around, so now she's making him into her human toilet which is a new way of fun for Katelyn to humiliate her slave. She takes the blindfold off him and he finds himself chained beneath a toilet seat. Not knowing what to expect with that little loser brain of his, Katelyn fills in all of the details on how to serve being her human toilet. When she sits down to use her toilet, he will open his mouth and swallow her pss. He will eat her sht. If he doesn't do these things he will have to live with her body's waste all over his face, which will make him very ill and unable to survive. If he does a good job, maybe she'll throw a vitamin down her toilet every once in a blue moon.

Another job of his will be to serve as her toilet paper. After she goes, he will extend his tongue out and lick her clean from ass crack to clit. And if she's horny, he'll keep licking until she climaxes all over his face. And then he'll lick that clean too.

Same goes if she's on her period. He will eat and lick clean any mess her body makes. Oh, and one last thing... she tells him he is truly just an object to her now. Just a human toilet. So, she won't be talking to him any more either. The only attention he'll get it when she lifts the lid to use her toilet. And when it's not in use the only thing he'll have to look at is the closed lid.

This video features clothed and nude toilet seat pov, bathroom fetish talk, and humiliation.

Special thanks to Alan for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:00 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
toilet pov, humiliation, mistress, human toilet, pussy, ass, femdom, Katelyn Brooks, toilet seat, full size slave, thong, yoga pants

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