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Granted into Katelyn's World

Katelyn's trying out a new fetish. Someone named Alan has begged over and over to be her slave and she's now accepted him into her perfect world serving as nothing but a toy for her amusement. To start the first day of his new life, she verbally humiliates him while her morning coffee brews.

She tells him how pathetic he is for wanting to give himself to a woman as if he's an object. The pathetic excuse for a man deserves to have his life sucked by a Mistress. Katelyn doesn't think he's thought this through and since it's already begun, there's really no turning back for him.

As her new slave he must be trained and told what to do. He really is helpless without her and should be grateful that she's taken him in. To get things started off, today she will go over to his apartment and throw away his life's belongings. She'll keep anything she wants but there's a slim chance she'll want any of his junk. It'll all go straight into the dumpster, and then she'll write a note to his landlord saying he's moved out.

And let's not forget about his life savings. All of it will be transfered to her account. Once he's completely drained and just a helpless little dog in a cage waiting for his next command and dying for another once of her attention and affection, will the true fun begin.

Making sure he's aware his new life, she confirms that he'll only be an object for her and her girlfriend's amusement. She won't be spending any of her hard earned money to keep him alive, either. If he's lucky, then she might spit, pisss, or sht, into his little slave bowl. If he's really lucky then maybe her friends will give him some too.

After Katelyn has her sadistic fun ripping him apart and destroying his emotions, she follows through with her plans for the day.

This video features cage view pov and mistress/femdom style humiliation.

Special thanks to Alan for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:29 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cage pov, humiliation, ass, femdom, mistress, full size slave, Katelyn Brooks

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