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A Lesson Learned Part 2

It's been years since Katelyn's younger brother sneaked into her room to get off her panties because last time that happened, Katelyn taught him a lesson by shrinking him down and inserting him in her pussy to get off. After that, she thought he learned real good, and would never do it again. However, today upon her arrival she notices her panty drawer is open. No... it couldn't be....

She crawls over her bed and opens the drawer. How could you?!?! Her brother is at it again and Katelyn isn't hesitant at all in teaching him another lesson. But when she bends over to get him out of the drawer, something unexpected happens...

Her entire body from head down freezes, as if her shrunken brother is somehow in control of her body. And he is. Turns out he's been sneaking their mother's shrinking device into his room to make his own, and it's working flawlessly, with an added feature of controlling anyone around as a protection of being tiny.

He sadistically, sexually, controls his sister Katelyn's body. He totally pervs out on her by making her strip her clothes off while rubbing her sexy body up and down. He even makes her raise and lower her bare foot above him a few times. He's just going all out, using her body to his every desire.

The only thing is, he can't control her head or her voice. While he's getting a high from his sexual enjoyment controlling her, she analyzes his sexuality in a degrading way while threatening that the the tables will turn and he'll forever regret this because she'll tell every girlfriend of his what a pervert he is.

After a little while, his device fails and the tables turn against him. Katelyn tells him how now she's horny from touching herself and he does deserve punishment after all so... now she has her way with him.

First thing's first. His device must be destroyed, so she pops his entire body into her mouth and soaks him with her tongue rolling back and forth on his body and the device. She's sure her saliva destroyed it so she transfers him to the puffy areas between her toes and the ball of her foot to humiliate and torture him.

Katelyn starts getting off on the power switch and just like last time, she punishes him by inserting him deep into her pussy while rubbing herself up to climix. Her fingers push him forcefully in her deep pussy, in and out, rubbing all over her clit up and down until she orgasms. Best thing about his torture? Her Mom is out on a business trip this week so it doesn't end here!

This video features shrunken in panty drawer pov, Katelyn stripping and rubbing herself via your complete control, incest humiliation, pov ass and bare soles, a table's turning theme, a little mouth play, and insertion.

Special thanks to Christopher for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:22 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
incest, power play, insertion, ass, soles, pussy, control, stripping, strip tease, yoga pants, tight pants, drawer pov, Katelyn Brooks

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