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Sister Sandwich Mealworm Vore

Katelyn's twin sister, late for school, enters the kitchen to make a meal before heading out. No wonder she slept in- she left her phone/alarm clock in the kitchen while drunk last night! She still needs to eat, and she takes near immediate notice to the glass bottle of mealworms on the counter. Wondering why her sister would leave mealworms out in the open, she opens the fridge and selects ingredients to make a sandwich.

A bagel, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and... mealworms. They really are irresistible to Katelyn's sister. You see, Katelyn was born with the ability to shrink and transform anyone she wants into anything she wants and her twin sister was both with a fetish for eating bugs and anything teeny tiny and living. Now, knowing this, you can guess what her sister does...

Before finishing her sandwich, she can't resist them. The mealworms come pouring out of their little glass cage, with one splashing into the very warm and slick oil of the cheese atop her toasted bagel. Opening nice and wide, she watches in excitement for a moment, soaking up the worm's wiggling, before taking a rather large bite to turn to mush and swallow for her hunger.

It tasted as good as usual. Now she must eat them all. Really, she can't resist. Eating them all one by one in every various way - raw, squirming in her sandwich, and so on, she devours every last mealworm with her meal and then heads out to school.

Unknown to her, they were actually her... neighbors. You see, her sister Katelyn is a business woman and well, after many sleepless nights she ended up shrinking and transforming the neighbors for their late night parties. Not only were they disturbing to her, but also to the neighbors- so really, she was doing everyone a favor.

So anyway, upon Katelyn's return home from work, she finds her sister's mess in the kitchen (as usual). But! She also finds something else... One lone mealworm coated in mayo, squirming around on the scraps of her sister's messy plate. In joy, Katelyn picks the worm up, humiliates it and then places is squirmy body onto her big wet pink tongue. It crawls back the center of the pink land which is Katleyn's mouth, and is life ends in her sticky saliva strands as she swallows its body whole.

This video features twins (Katelyn plays both sisters, seen individually), meal worm vore, bagel cheese and veggie sandwich, one meal worm gets bitten in half, another's remains get spit out, two are held side by side to say their farewells, some are eaten in the sandwich, raw, coated in mayo, eaten with a large bit of melted cheese atop a toasted bagel, and more.

Special thanks to Phillip for ordering this custom video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
30:10 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
bug vore, twin, cheese sandwich, vore, bug eating, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, mouth, tongue, Katelyn Brooks

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