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Ass Slave Alan PoV

Katelyn's home from the gym and she's made her decision- she will accept you as her slave. However, she doesn't think you know what you're getting yourself into. Are you aware that by becoming her slave, your life will be *hers*? Every single part of it. All of your possessions, and your life at her mercy. You will only live to serve her every desire, that is, for as long as she wants you.

Starting now as her slave, she has commands you to kiss her ass. You know she will not keep you at your full size. After some ass kissing she shrinks you and pulls her spandex shorts down so you can kiss her bare ass. Then she stands and pulls off her smelly sneakers and has you breath their scent in nice and deep.

Next she presses and hovers her smelly socked feet and bare soles into your sky over your now shrunken body. Next up she brings you to her glass table and grinds ontop of your body, round and round, in between her ass cheeks. You're so tiny that you survive all of the promiscuous swirling and grinding.

So far she's enjoying having you as her slave so next up you get to see your new home. Opening up the inner pink fabric of her soft panties, you slips inside with the movement of her fingers pushing you farther and farther. You quickly realize that she controls where your squirms are against her most intimate areas with the pull of her panties forward and back. You're nice and snug in her pink world and now she goes off to continue her night.

While in her bathroom getting ready, she calls up a friend. There's going to be a big sex party at her place tonight so she tells her friend to spread the word. After she's ready, she turns on some music and dances in a slutty little outfit, beer in hand, to some dope rap music while waiting for her orgy guests to arrive. Best thing about it is all the fucking that'll be going on, with her pulling her panties to the side with men and women unaware there's a shrunken man struggling between the hot action all throughout the night.

This video features booty in spandex, shrunken man slavery fetish talk, brief sneaker - sock - and bare sole pov, ass grinding a tiny man prop on a glass table pov, inside panties, and slutty dancing.

Special thanks to Alan for ordering this custom-inspired video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:59 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
ass pov, foot pov, glass table, shrunken slave, thong, shrunken man, ass crush, butt crush, anal insertion, bare feet, foot fetish, foot slave, striptease, exotic dancing, Point of View


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  1. Kyle's Avatar
    Never thought I would have a foot fetish but I have to thank you goddess Katelyn for bringing me out of the shoe box. I owe you so much if I never would have found your amazing beauty talent and artistic site I might have denied my urge to bow down to your awesome sweet feet nothing but a speck below you goddess thank you so much for making dreams come to life. Always your tiny bug slave forever many miny kisses to you Goddess Katelyn.

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