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A Business Meeting Unaware

Dressed up for business, I head over to the office to have a meeting with my boss about the coversheet on my TPS reports. Running a little late I give him a quick call to let him know I'm nearly there-- when all of a sudden his phone goes dead! Unable to reach him again, I shrug it off and just make my way to the office. Upon arriving I find the office eerily quiet... as if everyone disappeared. Completely unknown to me are the lives of my co-workers who somehow ended up shrinking down to incredibly tiny sizes- so small I don't even notice them screaming at my feet! The first casualty of my massive size is the secretary, who ends up a splattered mess under my massive high heel as I make my way to the meeting room. When I begin to devour the office room snack - chips and dip - even more tiny lives are lost as I swallow and chew up two of my tiny co-workers. Down at my feet I kick off my high heels and end up crushing, smothering and terrifying five shrunken co-workers of mine- two girls and three guys. Nearly all of them are individually crushed by my powerful feet- one between my toes, one under my big toe, one under my heel... and one just like a tiny mosquito! A lone female co-worker of mine manages to escape with her life... only to become trapped inside my shoe. *evil grin* All the while I continue devouring chip after chip, my boss wiggling in the dip. He struggles as my chips come closer and closer, I being completely oblivious to his tiny screams and struggles. The only thing on my wandering mind happens to be how delicious these chips taste and how relaxing it is to have my feet out of those high heels! My boss's luck finally runs out when he ends up on a chip heading directly to my hungry, salivating mouth. My tongue brings him deep inside my mouth and I swallow my tiny superior (or should I say inferior!) alive. As I crunch and swallow my last few chips, we see him struggling deep inside of my stomach. And finally, later that night... when my chip filled lunch is on it's way out... we see the digested remains of those who were in the dip inside my intestines. Completely unaware of all that took place and my digested friends, I casually wash my hands and reapply my makeup as if nothing had ever happened... life is so boring as an intern! <3

What you'll see and hear:
♥ Three delicious co-workers being swallowed and chewed alive, playfully dipped around and then scooped up on yummy chips- how "Honey we Shrunk Ourselves" should have been!
♥ Five Unique Unaware Barefoot Crushes all from extremely close up sexy angles with plenty of unaware foot teasing and terror!
♥ A brief look inside my powerful stomach as my boss winds up swallowed alive!
♥ Deep within my Intestines.. after a few hours of eating all those chips and people
♥ Beautiful extreme detailed close ups of my mouth and feet as I crush and eat
♥ Realistic sound including crushes, inside shots and screaming, yelling for my attention
♥ High Quality special effects and interaction (as always!)
♥ A very hungry business lady who unknowingly ruins a meeting.. and nine tiny lives ^.^
♥ Multiple angles of everything- POVs from the dip, extreme close ups, full body shots
♥ 27 minutes of pure unaware Giant Business Lady mayhem!
♥ A FREE 16 minute bonus clip that contains the sexiest parts enlarged and slowed down
♥ If you are into vore (or eating) even the slightest, you will go absolutely crazy over this movie!
♥ If you love seeing my soft feet, you will also go absolutely crazy over this movie!

Fetishes: Unaware, Vore, Barefoot Crush, Digestion, Shrunken People, Food
Duration: 27 minutes
Total Package: 315MB
Included Extras: Comes bundled with a an additional 16 minute bonus clip filled with slow motion


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
27:00 minutes
720x480 WMV
giantess special effects, unaware, vore, crush, chips and dip, pov, bare foot crush, black high heels, business lady, shrunken fetish, Katelyn Brooks


4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. MarkM's Avatar
    Katelyn already provided a very detailed description of this video so I don't think I will be spoiling any secrets. I like the video's with real people better than I do toys or bugs so I totally love Business Meeting Unaware. Another one of my favorites for sure. As in all of her video's Katelyn looks hot in this one too. All dressed up for work Katelyn arrives at the office conf. room for her meeting. Noticing no one else is around she decides to sit down on the sofa and get comfortable to wait. She slips off her shoes revealing the most beautiful sexy feminine bare feet of any woman on the planet. Seriously Katelyns bare feet look so good in this one! Under the table the little shrunken coworkers are kind of freaked out by the sight of them too. After a while Katelyn not having had anything to eat since breakfast decides to go for some of the chips and dip on the table. As she eats chips she begins fidgeting around with her bare feet under the table completely unaware of the extreme danger she was putting her coworkers in. They all begin to get crushed one at a time as Katelyn simply enjoys her snack. My favorite is where one lady gets crushed right in between Katelyns toes against the table leg. She was kind of stupid trying to wave her arms as if to ward off Katelyns bare foot when all she really needed to do was take cover around the back side of the table leg. Stupid lady she deserved to get squished! Another really good part is a different lady gets pressed down under Katelyns foot while a male co-worker tries to help her out of the situation. Lucky for her Katelyn didn't put any of her weight down so when Katelyn lifted her foot the Lady stood right back up. I thought that was cool. She gets it later though as do all of them. The eating part was very good too as you can see three of Katelyns other coworkers (one of which I understand is her boss) in the dip. One by one they get scooped up on a chip and taken up into a very sexy but unaware awaiting mouth of which the tongue extends to readily accept her food. You can see little arms waving frantically to get her attention but it goes totally unnoticed by Katelyn. I liked the camera angles looking up from below as she ate the chips as this was the view each of the little guys would have seen. The three in the dip must have been horrified watching knowing soon they would be swallowed down as nothing but food for their young interns perfect and physically fit body. I don't know how Katelyn comes up with such great ideas. I can't think of a much hotter fantasy than Business Meeting Unaware! Can you imagine being shrunken to ant size right next to one of your unaware coworkers bare feet hoping to get her attention before she accidentally crushes you by mistake? Katelyn unknowingly crushes or eats everyone who works in her entire office. Her own coworkers some of whom were possibly her friends as well! A whole office of people never to be seen or heard from again. Even Katelyn wondering what ever happened to them while some of them actually being digested within her perfect body! Very very hot! Thank you for this one too Katelyn!
  2. James's Avatar
    The most expensive one I bought and I must say it was so worth the price, I really wanted to see the inside of Katelyn's stomach and the rest of her digestive system. I so would of wanted to be one of the guys in the dip and be eaten unexpectedly by her entering the beautiful soft wet cavern and make my way through the soft and wet tunnel and then splash into the stomach where the food she ate is in mush. I just hope there will be more videos of clips of the inside of her stomach but done at different angels. Thank you for this amazing video Katelyn ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/heart.png
  3. nick's Avatar
    that is alsome i wish i shrunk and i was with you.
  4. Cody's Avatar
    This is one hot video and an instant classic from Katelyn! I love how she devours her shrunken co workers! The mouth shots are perfect along with the screams. I also want to point out that Katelyn's beautiful feet have no mercy for those beneath them! I couldn't take my eye's off them and the beginning really sets the tone for the video. First the secretary has no chance when Katelyn innocently takes a step back and then... CRUSH! Her feet continue to take no prisoners throughout the entire video... except one! This video has my absolute favorite in shoe trap of all time! I'm almost jealous that I wasn't the tiny little lady that get's to see Katelyn's beautiful but giant toes coming in after her. The POV shots make you feel like your the one about to go for the wildest ride of your life, deep down inside Katelyn's high heel. You can almost feel the ground shake as her heel slams down and seals your fate! This video is why I love Katelyn's work because of the attention to detail and high quality! Lot's of love for you Katelyn!

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