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A Giantess' Gassy Remains of Manipulative Assholes

Katelyn's full size slave slept under her commode for the entire night, fantasizing of what's to come in the morning. Now it's morning and Katelyn describes how she spent the entire night shrinking and eating manipulative men and anyone who has done her, her family, or her friends wrong. She has a strong and fast digestive system that has ripped through them overnight, their waste still inside of her intestines.

She's been saving her gas for her slave by squeezing her firm ass together any time she feels it coming. With all of that inside of her, she needs some release, and she's going to release it now. While she talks to him, she rubs her belly and ass, and then she sits on the commode and slowly peels her white leggings down past her butt.

She leaves her thong on for the first few farts, to get them nice and stench for later...

Letting the first fart come out, it breezes into her slaves face. She tells him to inhale it deep into his lungs and hold it there. It's the gas created by her powerful digestion. Mmm, she feels another one coming.

She peels her panties down inch by inch while talking about her digestion and gas, and her slave enjoys every little bit of it. In fact, it gets him off too. She rubs her asshole and pussy while feeling another full fart bubble down through her intestines and her colon.

After a few more farts, once her body feels nice and free of any remaining gas, she tells him she's going to go out and do some more errand running today-- and she's going to shrink and eat every fucking manipulative asshole she passes. While she's out, her slave will stay under her commode with her thong over his nose and mouth, breathing her fumes in the entire time until her return to him.

This video features under toilet seat pov, sexy ass tease in white leggings - striped thong - and completely nude, gas fetish talk, vore/digestion fetish talk, 8 *authentic* farts of Katelyn's (farts carefully edited in to sound and appear realistic), asshole and pussy pov, and thong over face pov.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:02 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
toilet pov, digestion talk, asshole, farting, thong, commode, fart fetish, Katelyn Brooks

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