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Foot Rub Failure

Isabelle Shy is reading comfortably on the couch when a sneaky pet climbs up onto the couch, interrupting Her. Pissed at the rude interruption by yet another needy little man, She decides to give him a chance to win his life. She tells him to rub Her feet, but he is too weak to do anything other than tickle Her, which only makes Her more frustrated. She makes him rub as hard as he can, but She only sighs in frustration. She tells him how She can fit Her entire foot into the mouth of a full sized foot slave- and makes the little man do his best to fit as much of Her giant toe into his mouth. She makes him lick and suck, but in the end She is pissed and grossed out by his tiny man drool on Her toe. She gives him one last chance, telling him to do the tiny man equivalent of a kneading massage to the bottom of Her foot- She orders him to punch it as hard as he can. Almost enough... but almost is not what Isabelle is looking for. She scolds the little man, telling him that he is an idiot…and then as he begs for mercy- She squashes him to under Her bare foot.

LOTS of POV closeups of Isabelle's feet- toes, toenails, sole, heel and more!


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
13:53 minutes
1280x720 H.264
humiliation, sole pov, shrunken man, foot rubbing, Isabelle Shy

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