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Breastmilk Play with Shrunken Fans

A group of Ava's shrunken fans heard that she recently delivered, so with Katelyn's help they mailed themselves to her with a letter to celebrate. They'd love to play around with her big swollen breastfeeding boobs and a few would love to get slurped up with her sweet warm milk too. After Ava reads the letter she dumps them onto a glass table and begins using them for her pleasure.

She massages her big soft swollen breastfeeding boobs to drip warm white milk all over them, breastfeeds a few of them right from her big puffy nipple, slurps the sweet milk her body has made, kisses and sucks on their shrunken bodies with her big beautiful lips, and more. Soon enough, she realizes that her panties are drenched in silky warm pre-cum. "Hear how wet I am?"

After all of this breasmilk play, and wanting to masturbate with her tinies, she can't help but wonder what her milk would feel like as lube. Indulging in her curiosity, she scoops a few off the table and inserts them in her big wet pussy in a doggy-style position while licking and kissing them off the table too- all while her big bursting boobs bounce up and down from all of the fucking and licking.

Within minutes she orgasms in pleasure. Feeling her shrunken fans up in her pussy, and deep down her throat, as well as on the table struggling under her lips was sensation overload for her! And now that she's done, she tells those who survived that they can lick the rest of her breastmilk off the table while she goes to get cleaned up and breastefeed. She wants it sparkling clean when she gets back- and she has tinies to take care of now too!

This video features big swollen breastfeeding boobs, breastmilk play with shrunken fans, underglass views, vore, insertion, endoscope pussy with internal rumbling sound effect of Ava's digestion, endoscope mouthcam with giantess voice sound effect, orgasm, big wet lips, and more!

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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
18:03 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
boobs, breastmilk, insertion, vore, endoscope, underglass, mouthcam, orgasm, shrunken fans, ass, masturbation, foot fetish, soles, pov, Giantess Ava, Ava Brynt

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