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Katelyn's Insatiable Appetite - Vore and Expansion

Your wife Katelyn has had an insatiable appetite as of late. You went grocery shopping only one week ago and all that's left is a single yogurt. She's a little concerned about what's happening. There's not even any clean silverware to eat it with because of how much she's been eating.

She lifts up her shirt to show you how full and bloated she is. Sure, it doesn't look too bad, but usually you can see her ribs. She pulls her shirt down... and talks about that delicious roast chicken you bought her last night. Well, her favorite part was the skin, and she's been craving something like it. So sweet, salty, and perfect. Coming closer and closer to you she asks... "Can I lick your face?"

You agree and after she licks your face a few times you start to ~shrink~! She has no clue what's happening, but you shrink right into her big boobs, and when she pulls you out she can't help but want to continue licking you. You always said you'd do anything for her, well now's your chance because nothing's ever tasted so good!

She licks and swallows you but after that, her belly expands, bloats, and grows uncontrollably. She moans (in pleasure and pain) and quickly discovers that if she lets out some little burps, it helps calm her bloating down... but only for so long before her belly starts growing again.

What is going on? Are you growing inside of her?!? Her belly is audibly upset about what she's eaten. It groans, bubbles, excretes, digests, twits, yells, liquefies, gurgles, and churns while trying to digest you. Her heart even races here and there because of how hard her system is working digesting you.

After a while, it becomes uncomfortable, so she tries changing positions. The only thing she can rely on from not, well, exploding, is letting out little burps. Then she get a new idea! She bets if she eats something else she can change her system's attention! Well... she hopes so anyway!

So, she runs off to wash a spoon and when she returns she eats the last snack in the house. Her yogurt. As she's eating it she gets turned on by all of the live cultures she's eating. Hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS of live cultures! She tells them to go in there and fight her bloat! Get her system under control!

After she finishes her delicious yogurt she places the empty container on the coffee table, rubs her swollen belly, and then lies down to take a nap. She hopes she'll wake up a little less bloated but knowing her luck she'll probably wake up even bigger- house sized, skyscraper sized, or maybe even city sized! :3

This video is a rare treat!! It features bloated belly, insatiable hunger, face licking pov, shrinking into Katelyn's boobs, *giantess voice sound effect during your shrunken pov*, vore, belly expansion and growth, *over three minutes of authentic, audible digestion sounds* (recorded by Katelyn herself!), little burps to reduce and control the bloat, panties/ass, different angles of Katelyn's swollen belly, microscopic yogurt cultures vore tease and consumption, close up open mouth and uvula, and more!

Special thanks to Preggo Lover for ordering this custom-inspired video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:09 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, digestion sounds, belly expansion, burping, micro, yogurt, cultures, shrinking


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  1. John's Avatar
    I just wanted to say that I've been a fan of Katelyn's work for a long time. Since she first started. And there has been little she's done that I haven't loved. This though may be my absolute favorite thing that she's done. Belly expansion is all too rare and Katelyn does it incredibly well. Some amazing dialogue, very well shot. My god. I can't say enough good things about this video. Buy it!

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