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Katelyn's Lucky Foot Slave Ryan

Katelyn's having a glamorous day off! She slept in, got a massage, ate some hearty food, had a luxurious bath- and now she wants to play with her foot slave Ryan. She walks over to the little pet home she made him, brimmed with hot pink fleece and her most fragrant panties, and tells him what a marvelous day she's been having. And next, she moves his cute little pet home to the couch for his commands.

She enjoys the sight of him beneath her sexy bare soles as she rubs silky lotions into them, driving them to perfection, and when she's done she plucks him out of his little home like the spec his is in comparison to her. Dominantly talking down to him, he ends up between her toes- just a mere enjoyment and sex toy to her every order.

He's pinned at a very meaty place of Katelyn's foot... right in between her first and second toe. Every scrunch between her toes swells Ryan's cock more and more and before you know it, Katelyn's taken full notice to this fact and ORDERS him to make love - worship - kiss - lick - and ORGASM between her toes. After she makes him cum, she traps him in a nylon with him under her big puffy curvy toes and then pleasures herself like the Goddess she is, while telling him how she could just crush him at any second... but sometimes the chase is just as exhilarating as the prize!

"You never know when your life is going to end being Katelyn's slave! It could happen any second and I wouldn't even care... because slaves, they're so replaceable." -Giantess Katelyn

This foot slave themed video features Giantess voice sound effects during Ryan's point of view, a pet home filled with Katelyn's panties, a brief foot lotion scene, macro style toe shots, shrunken man between toes, shrunken man getting off between toes, Katelyn masturbating and orgasming, cleavage, lace panties, nylons, trapped in nylons, and Katelyn takes on a "Midnight Goddess" personality for her character in this video.

Special thanks to Ryan for ordering this custom-inspired video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:48 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Foot Slave, Close Up, Macro, Shrunken Man, Orgasm, Lingerie, Bra, Lace Panties, Lace, Katelyn Brooks, Pink Toe Nails, Cleavage

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