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Fantastic Vorage II: Journey to the Center of IS

In this long-awaited sequel to Fantastic Vorage, Isabelle goes to Evil Manda's secret lab to seek out Evil Manda's scientist brother in hopes of saving Evil Manda from her tomb inside Isabelle's digestive tract. Once there, She is surprised to find that the brother has skipped town after he realized that Evil Manda used the ship and is most likely dead. Instead, Isabelle finds Professor Ji who says that she worked on the secret project with both Evil Manda and her brother. After some explanation from the not-so-bright Isabelle, Ji agrees to duplicate the experiment and be swallowed by Isabelle in an attempt to find Evil Manda inside Isabelle.

Isabelle shrinks Ji, who boards the tiny ship. Isabelle then shrinks the ship even smaller and swallows it down. She feels it sliding down Her throat..then Ji is in and the journey is on. Isabelle watches on the monitor as Ji travels inside Isabelle's digestive tract; She tries to chat with Ji like She did with Evil Manda during Evil Manda's exploration, but Professor Ji is focused and not the most friendly.

Suddenly, the walkie talkie that Evil Manda had given Her, which has been silent since the "accident", crackles to life- it's Evil Manda! She's alive! She tells Isabelle the Ji is not what she seems- she is Evil Manda's nemesis and now they are both inside of Isabelle. A battle ensues between the two shrunken women and Isabelle has no idea what is happening until......

Fx by: Isabelle Shy. Visit her site!


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
20:12 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Vore, shrunken woman, endoscopic, Evil Manda, Isabelle Shy, Ji, special effects, endoscopy

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