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Crushed under Silky Striped Panties

Katelyn walks into her bedroom to find her little slave. She tells him she's done with work for the day and is ready for some play time, but she has a different thing in mind tonight. Ever since she's had him, he's been begging to get crush by her big curvy ass, but what good is a toy without at least playing with it while it's brand new?

Since he's been around for a while, she thinks she's ready to get a new toy to play with. She hasn't exactly grown bored of him, she simply wants to live out her and his fantasy to the fullest and then get a new slave to take his place! To do exactly that, she places him in a glass jar to protect him while she sits ontop of his world testing out how two different panties feel on her ass as she sits.

The first pair is silky soft and stretches ever so perfectly around her ass as she lowers it onto the jar. She enjoys seeing the blue lace and stripes and his shrunken form below. She changes into another blue striped panty, and this pair is nice too. This pair feels like it's "barely there"! Then she sits on the jar nude too and he gets a perfect view of her ass and asshole while she makes her decision.

She really enjoyed how soft, silky, and stretchy the first pair felt so she goes with that pair and places him on the bed. She raises and lowers her ass multiple times to tease him and then lowers herself onto him, softly squishing him under her silky panty covered ass into the plush pink comforter. When she lifts up he's still alive so she crushes him one final time, grinding into and riding the bed until there's nothing left of him.

Now that he's gone, she goes to get ready as she'll be hitting up a bar tonight to find her next shrunken slave!

This video features ass tease, handheld pov, glass jar pov, two pairs of blue stripped panties, and crushed under ass.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:06 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Ass, Striped Panties, PoV, Glass Jar, Giantess Katelyn, Katelyn Brooks

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