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The IS-5000

This is Tech News- a technological infomercial style show introducing the latest in innovative technology. This episode features the state of the art android, the IS-5000!

The host tells you all about this new docile android. The IS-5000 will patrol your house, cleaning up all types of trash in many different ways. It sucks it down, swallows it whole, shrinks it- even recycles the bag for you. Throughout the video, the android devours trash piles and garbage bags, but then something unplanned happens much to the host's surprise. The android grows slightly and seems to be having a minor malfunction.....

Before the clip is over- it is very obvious how UN-human friendly the IS-500 actually is!

Fx by: Isabelle Shy. Visit her site!


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
9:26 minutes
960x540 H.264
throw away fetish, vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, growth, mini giantess, robot

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