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Scrunched Between the Park Girl's Toes

Katelyn's relaxing at the park checking her messages and notices that you, sitting beside her, have been pretty much staring at her feet for the last minute or two...

"So you like my feet huh? You like them so much that you'd worship them right here in public at the park? Show me!" You lower yourself to bench level and start worshiping her feet. "Go ahead. Look at them. Take in their perfect beauty. Like how soft they are? Touch them. Get up close to them"

She loves how it looks like she's crushing you from her perspective and lifts and lowers her feet a few times. "Oh, you're blushing! I like the slight bit of humiliation you must feel when people walk right by us with you worshiping my feet."

She allows you to worship her feet while she checks her messages. "You aren't going to get all of my attention now!" You are quite the detraction from her messages though. She'd rather play with you, so she shows you some things she likes doing with her feet including flexing, crushing a leaf, and rubbing her feet together... but that's not all.

"Want to know what else I like? Well, I just love feeling tiny men under my bare feet and in between my toes. I think I'll shrink you to toe sized with my secret shrinking device!"

After grabbing her shrinking device out of her bag, she shrinks you down and plays with you by feeling and squeezing you between every one of her toes. However, you're so tiny that you keep slipping, so she tells you she'd like to go back to her place for a while. ;)

This video features public foot worship at a park with passerbys (with very slight humiliation tease), barefoot scrunching, sole flexing, feet rubbing together, getting shrunk to toenail sized and scrunched between every single toe, and being popped in Katelyn's mouth like a piece of candy so you're safe until she arrives back at her place with you. Also, a squirrel becomes the center of attention for a moment when she gets up to get her shrinking device xD

Notes: This video is priced at a slight discount because one of the (short) shots near the end of the video is a little blown out. Dialogue above isn't word for word, it's the overall premise.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:10 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
soles, scrunching, park, bench, toes, shrinking, humiliation, foot fetish, plaid shirt

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