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Katelyn's Shrunken Couple - Alex and Lauren

Katelyn's had a crush on her two friends (and couple) Lauren and Alex pretty much since they've been hanging out, and she knows they feel the same because they've each expressed so to her in private. Not being able to stand the sexual tension any more she's decided to shrink them down to doll sized so they can all finally have fun together without feelings getting in the way, because they can just blame it on Katelyn being in control.

After Katelyn arrives home with them, she gets them out of her purse and brings them over to the couch. They're already nude- oops, she was expecting their clothes to shrink with them but doesn't matter anyway! After Katelyn strips off her boots, skirt, and shirt she introduces a part of her sexuality to them... they can treat her feet like another private part and kiss, lick, suck, and hump them because she loves it. They're the perfect size for it too.

After a little foot love she gets on the floor and licks each of them on their faces and between their legs. She sucks Alex's cock, licks Lauren's pussy, and feels them under her big ass... which while doing, she accidentally "slips" onto Alex's cock and rides him for a few moments.

Feeling Alex's cock in her was such a pleasure. Even though he's tiny she can tell how well hung he is. With all of their increasing horniness they all fuck eachother while taking turns at Katelyn's pussy and under her feet. Katelyn has fun making Lauren choke on Alex's cock too.

Feeling them both underneath her feet is almost too much. She grows closer to orgasm, but then Alex jizzes all over Katelyn's toes and onto Lauren's face. Katelyn laughs... you came all over Lauren! But just because he came doesn't mean the fun is over yet! She tells him he can watch Lauren and her finish eachother off and if he recuperates in the meantime, he's more than welcome to join.

This video features a shrunken couple (anatomically correct dolls), foot worship, sexual dominance, light shrunken woman humiliation, masturbation, fucking, and it ends in the male doll jizzing between Katelyn's big plump toes- his load shoots all over the female doll's face!

Special thanks to Alex for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:04 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
cum doll, masturbation, footjob, feet, fishnets, leggings, socks, shrunken man, shrunken woman, doll sized, pussy, Katelyn Brooks

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