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Ravenous Cavewoman Vore and Crush

Lurking about in your neighborhood woods is a ravenous cave woman named Katelyn, who's so starving that she's now dangerously slipping into unsuspecting houses along the suburb to feed herself. Food has been scarce in the wild and she's not familiar with processed food so she's scraping everything readily edible that she can find. She just made out with some gummy frogs from one house and while devouring them she frantically looks back and forth being sure not to been seen by the average present day human, while at the same time spotting out her next house hit. After ripping, shredding, and devouring the gummy frogs while hiding out by a large tree, she heads off to the next house.

She comes up to the next house's back door screen and scouts the area out. With no one to be seen or heard, she breaks in and begins her animalistic raid for food. She crawls onto the counter where she consumes shrunken people who have infested this persons home, thinking they're food because of how quite delicious they are she destroys all actual food in search for more of these delicious shrunken people. After she's cleaned the counter of them she moves onto the fridge, making quite a mess on the floor as she swipes out actual food in search of her prey. She even crushes oranges and eats YOU (PoV) in the process!

She then heads back out into the wild... but not without crushing two bugs (PoV) on the way! At least these people no longer have a shrunken people issue to worry about, as she's eaten them all! They do have a completely destroyed fridge and kitchen floor though, which is going to be very concerning when they get home.

This video features a wild ravenous creature, gummy frog consumption with belly and chewing closeups, monster girl breaking into a home for food, shrunken people vore ontop of a counter and in a fridge, PoV vore, pussy, boobs, orange crush x5, and barefoot PoV crush.

Warning! This video may be disturbing and/or comical. Katelyn really gets into her character! There's no dialogue, but lots of wild hissing and ravenous lip smacking throughout!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:26 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Cavewoman, Vore, Crush, PoV, Ravenous, Costume, Eating, Gummies, Gummy, Food, Fridge, Orange Crush, belly, stomach, food crush, boobs, tits, wild, Katelyn Brooks


2 Reviews and Counting...

  1. MarkM's Avatar
    This video is different but I totally loved it. Katelyn truly looked like a real cave woman with the outfit and hair kind of messy. Her Cave woman body is absolute perfection. My favorite part is at the very end when she finds one shrunken person left and stands full height above him looking down as if he is merely a bug. This made me feel so small beneath her after which she slowly crush's me under her sexy bare foot. I think this video has a little bit for everyone. Eating, sexy body shots, food crush, bare feet etc..... Awesome Katelyn!
  2. rami's Avatar
    the best part is the vore part the clip is different and amazing wish there is part 2 ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png or something

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