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Driving Candid Package

TEN driving videos. Some include a playful in car/driving mouth tease. Super wide angle. Watch Katelyn from a shrunken voyeuristic point of view as she operates a stick shift with her hand to run errands, go to the gym, etc. Videos were custom made for a fan, so some include Katelyn talking to "Roy". Picture to preview most.

**Katelyn listens to satellite radio as she drives. The music genres range from Rap to Techno and Chill**

Video names and durations:

01) Delicious Driving: 6:57
02) Driving Home from Target - Night Ride: 12:48
03) Driving Home from the Market: 10:34
04) Driving to my Eye Appointment: 4:59
05) Driving to Target: 9:54
06) Driving to the Gym: 8:32
07) Girly Trip Driving: 8:26
08) In the Footwell: 4:30
09) Market to PO: 7:35
10) Stick Shift View: 14:26

Total play time: 88:35 (1h 28m)

Note: This may take a while to download, it's 1.25GB.

Special thanks to roytoy for ordering these custom videos!

To be continued...


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
88:35 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Driving, Stickshift, Pedal Pumping, Mouth Tease, Katelyn Brooks

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