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The Witch who Crushed them All

Katelyn's an evil witch who's transformed some rumor spreaders into gummy bears for her disposal. She admits the rumors are true, she's even had to move from her oln town, but nevertheless she heartlessly begins to crush them.

She crushes the first one underneath the toe sole of her rhinestone gemmed black sandal, forcing the rest soak up the horror which will be them next. Then she slips off her sandals to crush the next in a more personal manner. She tells this gummy that the rumor of her using magic on men for her own sexual pleasure is true. It's quite enjoying transforming her victims into whatever she pleases or using them however she wants. Getting turned on by crushing them, she unzips her top and takes off her jeans.

Getting hornier and hornier the more she crushes, she draws out the crushes for the last few gummy bear victims to savor every drop of pleasure. She crushes them slowly under her bare feet, and even places one in her panties and rubs him on her pussy. After they're all a pile of smeared gummy on her floor, she can't help but rub her wet pussy until she orgasms. She drops to the floor, thrusts her hips, rubs her pussy, eats their remains, and orgasms.

This clip features gummy bear crush (1 under sandal, the rest with bare feet), a witch theme, masturbation, floor view, Katelyn's view, and under foot pussy pov.

Special thanks to Andrew for ordering this custom!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:48 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
bare feet, crush, masturbation, pov, pussy, gummy bears, Katelyn Brooks


2 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Megagiant5280's Avatar
    I think you should do more jeans with sandals or barefeet. It's a sexy look for you.
  2. MarkM's Avatar
    I'm awful at writing reviews so let me just say anyone who loves Katelyn's sexy bare feet will absolutely love this video! You get to see them from all different views and angles. I especially liked some of the shots looking down from above along Katelyn's belly. POV shots, toes, everything just so sexy! My favorite part is towards the end after they are all crushed Katelyn bends down on all fours and eats some of their remains while masturbating with the camera looking down on her from above. Katelyn's feet and body are just heavenly!

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