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Jo's Last Orgasm

Jo had all the right intentions... He went over to Katelyn's and told her about this crime he witnessed in the streets last night. He saw a group of people get shrunk and crushed by two girls and a guy. He wanted to tell Katelyn about it as she's his crush, coworker, it was in their neighborhood, and most importantly he wants her to be safe. He would have never fathomed that SHE is actually a member of this secret group of Giantesses and Giant...

She so badly didn't want him to believe what he saw, as she knew what that would mean... she'd have to get rid of him to protect the group. She questioned exactly what he saw. Asked if he thought it was just a dream or if he's tried any new medications or drugs. It became very clear he was 100% certain of what he witnessed, so she had to break the news to him. Her day job is only a cover...

After asking if he'd rather be crushed or eaten she calls the group leader, explains the situation, and gets his ok to proceed with taking care of it. She feels bad Jo had to end up in this situation so she asks if he'd like one last orgasm before she gets rid of him. Of course he does! She was thinking a handjob... and when Jo asks for more she tells him not to push his luck because she could just shrink and crush him!

She welcomes him inside and they get right to it, as she does have a mission to complete with her group tonight. He gets even more than a handjob. He gets a BOOB JOB too!

After he explodes all over her HUGE boobs, she shrinks him down and eats him between some slices of cheese with his orgasm all over her boobs!

This video features a conversation between Katelyn and Jo about a shrink & crush crime (Begin-8:08), handjob / boob job (8:08-10:58), shrinking, and between cheese vore PoV (10:58-End).

**First video ever with a real cock!**


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:37 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
real cock, boobjob, shrinking, vore, PoV, cheese, handjob, Katelyn Brooks

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