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Nerdy Birthday Trample

It's Jason's birthday and he's been nerding out all day, just getting off the phone after rubbing in his friends face how he has some girls (strippers) coming over and he's not invited. The girls arrive and walk in to see him by the computer with chocolate milk, games, and nerdy things around. They giggle, oh boy this is going to be fun. They go over and teasingly ask if he's ready to get started, they rub their boobs on him, massage him, ask if he has any "special" requests, and right as they're about to take their tops off he stutters (with fogged up glasses!) and asks them to wait...

He then pushes his glasses up and all embarrassed he asks the girls if they can uh..... keep their clothes on? He thinks nude girls are weird. The girls stop for a moment and laugh. "You called over strippers and you want us to keep our clothes on?!" Jason looks in terror and explains he just wants to be dominated by them... one sit on his face and the other trample him so he feels completely under them.

The girls look at eachother like "seriously?!?!" they decide to make this nerds birthday the best one he'll ever remember by completely dominating him. Katelyn sits on his face and Bianca stands full weight on his chest in her high heels as they sing him happy birthday. Next they take their shoes off and they trample him together. They even use him like a toy, jumping as high as they can in the air onto him and jumping back off. It's like a fun game!

Jason really, really enjoyed having them jump on him and trample him... he ended up having an "accident"! The girls giggle. "Already?!?!" Happy after making his birthday one to remember, they grab their shoes and tell him to call them back any time he wants!

This nerdy birthday/strippers themed video features Katelyn ass smothering Jason, Bianca standing full weight in high heels on Jason, and both girls trampling and jumping on Jason bare foot!

Starring: Jason Ninja, Bianca, and Katelyn Brooks

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Product Details:
Producer: Jason Ninja
10:32 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
trample, ass smother, strippers, nerd, birthday, Bianca, Katelyn


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  1. Garrison's Avatar
    Now I'd like to see you take over your stepfather like that only tied up so he has no choice. I'd buy that, hell I'd fund it for you.

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