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Workout with Doug

It's time to work out but Katelyn can't focus very well with her mind on how she'd like to have her hot brunette neighbor, Doug, as her shrunken man. While thinking about how great looking he is she gets into her workout with a big stretch and feels something under her foot- oh my god it's Doug! She's completely surprised at her discovery and gushes.

He'd only be able to know about her fetish if he overheard her, or maybe it was that one night... but she goes on about how happy she is to have him and how great she's going to care for him. She does need to get a workout in, so she continues her workout but with the fun of adding him in!

She teases him with her boobs (and feels him in between them) with a few pushups, some stretching, and playing around. Then to finish her workout she places him on a stool and does squats over him- giving him an amazing view of her up and down ass.

The last workout got her hot and horny so to top her morning off she slips him down her pants and masturbates with him. She even forgot to wear panties, lack of her morning coffee, so it was a very easy slip to get Doug in her pants. After rubbing her pussy and instructing him on what to do she cums and then walks off to find somewhere safe to keep him!

This workout themed video features an unaware into and discovery, various workouts teasing Doug with her boobs and ass, and masturbation with a clit view of her pussy as she instructs Doug on what to do to get her off.

*Special thanks to Doug for this custom video inspiration!*


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:30 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Athletic, Boobs, Ass, PoV, Pussy, Masturbation, Insertion, Workout, Katelyn Brooks


One Review and Counting...

  1. Jonathon's Avatar
    I love the pov shots that exclude the tiny figure. Hopefully the day will come whenever a mini camera could be made use of so it might appear we're being held between Katelyn's fingers or against her pussy. Well I'd prefer the second. I enjoyed the camera work in this video. Even more importantly to me I believe Katelyn's voice acting was very nice in this video. One thing I do believe would have helped would be if it appeared there was a dialogue going on between Katelyn and the shrunken person. By this I mean we wouldn't be able to hear what was being said by the guy but we could hear what Katelyn said. "You like how I taste to? Ah! Well I'll make sure you have plenty to taste." The ending with the promise to find a very nice safe place to keep him was wonderful. I like to imagine that she kept the guy inside of her panties or better yet inside her vagina. That way he's safe with his giantess and can bring her pleasure.

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