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Shrunken on Rachel's Cherries

Rachel's outside getting her tan on and rockin' out to some music on her iPhone, completely unaware of the shrunken people nearby. One on her cherries and one by her feet. After a few moments she slips her bikini off not to get any tan lines, and when she digs in for another one of her delicious juicy red cherries she grabs the first shrunken person (PoV) unaware.

She licks, teases, sucks, and swallows what she thinks is a cherry into her mouth- but it's actually you! (PoV) And then when she flips over onto her back to tan her other side, the second shrunken person (PoV) crawls its way through the grass, onto her big bare feet, the whole way up her sunkissed legs belly and breasts, and then straight after the cherries. Bad, bad, bad idea- this little guy (or girl!) gets noticed by her fairly fast and causes her to get up and freak out. No bugs are allowed! Ew!

She stands up in all her beautiful nude glory and lifts her massive bare foot high into the blue sky above as you scurry back and forth helplessly on her tanning towel clueless of where to go to save your tiny pathetic life. She giggles a bit at your futile efforts of escape. She can tell you don't know where you're going and know how fucked you are, but she uses your panicking as a form of amusement for the few moments before your very quick bug like death beneath the sole of her Goddess sized foot.

You got what you deserved for ruining her perfectly good cherries, because now she's going to have to crush the few you were on as well as the surrounding ones to save from consuming cherries crawled on by mere bugs not worthy of her body. She palms the contaminated cherries and brings them over to a part of her sidewalk more so in the back, and proceeds to make an absolute gooshy mess out of them by squashing each and every one in the nude as a demonstration of what will happen to any more bugs that dare to explore her cherries while she's tanning.

This hot summer unaware and aware sunbathing video features vore, body climbing, nude bare foot PoV, and orgasmically explosive cherry crushing.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
9:58 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Sunbathing, Vore, Unware, Nude Crush, PoV, Cherries, Outdoors, Giantess Rachel, Mouth cam

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