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The Pathetic Date

Fx Scene:
1) Rachel's date shrinks, lies on the floor due to immobilization, and gets crushed under her big bare foot.

(Additional Fx: Phone cam shrink flash)

1) Date's responses at full size
2) Date's grunts and breathing shrunken
3) Crush sound Fx

Additional Notes:
1) This is a "Quick Fx" video
2) No names were referenced
3) Themes: PoV shrink, Fx shrink, humiliation for being late and short, immobilization, bare foot crush with gore
4) This is my first Quick Fx video without my ex's final input so I hope the quality lives up to what's expected in comparison to my previous Quick Fx! :D Thanks for supporting my work! <3

Rachel's by the stairs with her purse and phone, ready to be picked up by her date she met online. She's been waiting for half an hour and first impression means everything to her so this isn't good. But she gives him the benefit of doubt and calls him with a front up- she acts cute, tells him she barely noticed he was running late, and acts excited!

When he arrives she invites him in. Now she's thinking... not only is he late, but he obviously lied about his height on his online profile too. She plays it off by saying he's "cute" and she asks for a picture because she likes to remember first dates. He begins to shrink right after the picture is taken.

Her phone's camera system is actually a custom shrinking device for taking care of pieces of shit like him.

He continues to shrink and she happily humiliates and degrades him to pieces during the shrinking process. Then, when he's teeny tiny, sits down with him and humiliates him some more. She also informs him that the final effect of being shrunk is immobilization.

He can barely move. He's incredibly heavy. And on top of how helpless he is, she starts to talk about how she's going to crush him and tests out each foot by raising it and lowering it. She mocks how terrifying his situation must be and rips him apart some more, saying how she'll have to go find a real man, how it looks like they won't be going on another date, etc. Once she's decided how she'd most enjoy crushing him, she raises her foot up and splat! Every bone in his body breaks and she turns him into nothing but a pulverized, unrecognizable gooey mess!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
7:38 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrinking, PoV, humiliation, bare feet, crush, Quick Fx, gore, bare foot crush, Giantess Rachel


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  1. coolhandluke_13's Avatar
    This was pretty dope, Katelyn. I'm surprised no one's commented on this yet. Sfx were on point and acting was great. Keep up the great work!Looking forward to more high quality fx in the future!

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