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Rachel's Pervy Brother

Remember the other day when you were talking to your sister about how cool it'd be to shrink? Well... she did a little digging and look at what she found at the science department- a shrinking device! You want to try it out?! Ready?! Holy shit... she has no idea how small you'll get but you're shrinking!

As you shrink down she catches you looking up her skirt. GROSS! You're her brother! Stop it. You're such a perv!

After you finish shrinking she goes ahead and puts you on the coffee table. It's incredible how tiny you are, and she asks if you're scared of her. You should be because you looked up her skirt! For doing so, she playfully surrounds you by her gummy fish and traps you in them.

Next she eats some candy but you can't have any, you're in time out! She teases you... it's really good but you can't have any. Do you like watching her eat candy too? That's so gross, your her brother!

After she eats all of the candy, she picks you up and treats you like a gummy fish. Don't worry though, you -are- her brother so she won't do anything too stupid, she tells you.

To playfully torture you some more she ties you to her tongue ring and asks how scared you are as she opens her mouth real wide. Do you feel like you're going to fall down her throat?! Well... those gummy fish got her appetite growling for more, so she keeps you on her tongue ring and heads to the kitchen to find some more food!

*Special thanks to yougts for ordering this custom*


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
14:39 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrinking, under glass, Swedish fish, tongue ring, brother, tied, upskirt, thigh high socks, Rachel


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  1. mtsjin08's Avatar
    i loved looking up her skirt i wish i was a helpless slave

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