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Insatiably Horny Highschooler

Oh my gosh! It couldn't have worked out any better. No one's home and Katelyn's new sex toys package has arrived. Perfect! Since no one's going to be home for at least another hour, Katelyn decides to go ahead and open her package now.

However! Before doing so, she unpacks her schoolbag to make it look like she's been studying... just in case! After all is set up, she excitedly unwraps her new sex toys- tiny people! Her eyes widen with sexual excitement at the looks of them but what is this... instructions?!

The instructions are more like rules. No licking, inserting, swallowing... are you serious?! And to top it off, a tiny supervisor named "Peter" was shipped with her sex toys to make sure the rules are followed.

Funny enough for them, Katelyn's -known- to break rules and this certainly holds for no exception! In fact, how is she to masturbate with them without... inserting them?! And she just LOVES licking things too! Ugh!

Needless to say, the rules motivate her to dip into new sides of sexual exploration never experienced before. She first inserts two of the four men into her big wet pussy, and has her fun with the last one while making the helpless supervisor Peter witness all of her twisted sexual pleasures.

She feels the first one under her socked and bare foot, takes him into her mouth, spits him out, and crushes him under foot in her sticky stringy saliva. Feeling him squirm against the gooey mess under her foot is such a turn on that she sits back and inserts her fingers deep in her throbbing pussy to find the two men in there, she pulls one out, and finger fucks herself until the one in her pussy turns into lube. She has an orgasm... and now either her Gspot is aching for more or she has to pee... so she heads to the bathroom next.

In the bathroom she places peter on the toilet and drops another one of his men into the toilet bowl. As she hovers above the toilet for Peter to see, she lets out a long hot stream of piss. Now all that's left is Peter! Before taking him back to the bedroom she picks him up and makes him watch his last man flush down the toilet.

Now, back in the bedroom, she bends over her bed and starts masturbating and vibrating herself with him on her pussy and asshole, her ass raised up high up in the air. She's already done so much with boys in school as she's sooo promiscuous, and she's just aching for a new sexual sensation. She cums feeling Peter squirm around and by vibrating herself but it's simply not enough. This insatiably horny highschooler needs MORE and MORE!

How will Katelyn use Peter to cum... how will his fate end and will she get caught?!

This naughty, insatiably horny highschooler themed video features Reebok sneakers, blue striped knee-high socks, insertion, vigorous fingering, wide spread shots, socked and bare foot PoV, crush under bare foot with spit, slow mo piss (this shot is farther away and a bit blurry), Hitachi wand masturbation with ass in the air, multiple orgasms, searching for Peter (she loses him for a minute), slight anal insertion / double penetration.

This is my very first video with anal insertion play and I can't wait to explore that area some more... it felt soooo good!! ;)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
35:17 minutes
1920x1080 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Insertion, Multiple Orgasms, Barefoot Crush, Anal Insertion, Ass, Upskirt, Piss, Pee, Knee High Socks, Spit, White Sneakers, Schoolgirl, Highschooler, Masturbation, Katelyn Brooks


3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. MarkM's Avatar
    Thank You Katelyn this video is excellent! Gosh I can't even believe how nice your P* looks and you worked your sexy feet into the video too which is always nice for me! Embarrass to say but I like when you make pee too! I also like the part at the end when someone comes home and you panic to hurry up and pretend like nothing was going on except for studying! You have the body of a Goddess Katelyn!!! Cool video!
  2. Tim's Avatar
    This is the video I have been waiting for from Katelyn for a long time. Very erotic and Katelyn is a natural giantess. Her gorgous figure can make grown men cry. If you are a fan of bratty teasing, humiliation, or insertion, this video is a must have. Well worth the price. Thank you Katelyn and please make more like this!
  3. Bill's Avatar
    Super good video, the part were the tinies are in the box in front of her was amazing! Also when she carries the tinies between her pussy and her leg absolutely amazing!

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