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FX by Isabelle Shy

I go into the dark corners of the studio to find a dusty cage holding a tiny little man- oh, it has been sooo long since I have played with him! I bring the cage into the light, reach into the cage and yank him out. Once out of the cage, My spell starts to fade and he slowly becomes larger in My hands. This cannot be. I give him a magical kiss and he shrinks back down to teeny tiny size.

I remember what a good little boot polisher he used to be, so I press My little bootlicker against the leather of My boot and tell him to start licking. But at that teeny size... it would take forever for him to clean My boots properly. I decide to use his tiny body to polish My boots, rubbing him roughly against the buckles and ties. Turns out he is enjoying that a bit too much! I mock his tiny little penis, but knowing that being so rough with him got him so hard turns Me on.

I use his tiny body to rub against My pussy, but all that does is make Me horny and unsatisfied so I drop him on the floor... do I stomp him out? Do I make him go back in the cage for more torment? Watch the clip to find out!


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
17:12 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Fx, Boots, Cage, Handheld, Boot Slave, Goth, Isabelle Shy

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