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My New Sex Toy Matt

Katelyn was very excited when Matt (her friend) was interested in living out one of her sexual fantasies. She's been dreaming of it for so long and now it's finally going to happen! But before saying anything about what her sexual fantasy entailed... she shrank him down!

The last thing he would have ever expected was to suddenly find himself at a bug's size. He didn't know what in the heck was going on. All he did know is that suddenly the world and Katelyn were massive... or, he was tiny, but still equally terrifying.

So when Katelyn ran off to the bathroom, of course he tried to escape! He wanted to hid, get away, he felt his life was in danger. Things didn't go as planned though. At that little size... what was once a rub on the floor turned into a head-high field of carpet which he seriously got himself tangled up in.

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When Katelyn returned from the bathroom she couldn't believe that he'd run off! She understands he must be a little scared, but still! So now she has to find him, as he's not where she left him, so she walks back and forth all around her room as if she's trying to find a bug.

At Matt's tiny size, her footsteps are especially terrifying. Katelyn quickly realizes how every step must feel like an earthquake, and tries to look with only her eyes, and even gets on her knees... but when she's looking for a bug she's used to just stomping around to investigate every little crevice in the room so she instinctively does so.

Katelyn excitingly finds Matt in the carpet minutes later, but since he tried to run away she decides to toy around with him before getting "started". He deserves a little playful punishment, so she softly grinds her ass on top of him, drops him down the back of her thong, and walks/stomps around her bedroom with him trapped right in her ass crack.

After that, the fun begins. She just loves using a shrunken man as a vibrator and promises she'll be careful with his life. She doesn't want to break her favorite sex toy, after all! She feel him between her massive boobs, drops him down her panties, and masturbates with him in-panty.

Out of breath after cumming, she tells him that it'll be his turn after her nap. She tells him to think about what he'd like her to do to him and then places him in between her mountainous boobs, rolls onto her belly, and falls asleep.

This video features hunting for a tiny, loud footsteps, unaware in carpet foot tease, dropped down the back of Katelyn's thong, ass and thong tease, dropped down Katelyn's panties, played with between boobs, brief licking and sucking, and in-panty masturbation and orgasm (no nudity).


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:18 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
loud footsteps, thong, ass tease, boobs, in panty orgasm, boobs, feet, pov, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Carl88's Avatar
    Wow Hot Goddess Katelyn , Love this Story :-) !
  2. i want some's Avatar
    i want som...
    I want to be matt. I so wish I could be matt

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