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Good Morning

Fx by Isabelle Shy

My boyfriend matt wakes to a surprise. While he slept, I shrank him down to a nice tiny size. I was going to just break up with him, but decided that shrinking him down, playing with him would be far more enjoyable. Well, more fun for ME anyway.

I make him rub My feet, the toes he used to rub so lovingly are now huge and threatening. I pick him up and squeeze him between My cleavage and laugh as he squirms and struggles to breathe.

At long last, I grow tired of him and decide to tuck him in the back of My thong....after letting him squirm a bit and after letting My cheeks push him back and forth as I wiggle My behind, I sit down nice and hard, wriggling and squirming and bouncing until he is no more.


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
15:54 minutes
1280x720 H.264
shrunken man, bare feet, in thong, ass crush, foot worship, Isabelle Shy

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