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The Snack Shack: Summer Fun Edition

Summer time can be tough! And the sweltering heat can make some foxy ladies absolutely insatiable. What's a girl to do? Well, they can always indulge in some squirmy, wriggly, deliciously bite-sized fun! The question is, which way will they choose to do it? Slurping, teasing, licking and gulping: these four ladies simply can't get enough! Enjoy the steamy summer days with Lyn, Katelyn, Jenna and Allison in The Snack Shack: Summer Fun Edition!

♥ 22 images featuring sexy, warm, powerful mouths!
♥ Four super hot vore scenes with four very sexy ladies!
♥ Watch girls wreak havoc on their prey, aware and unaware!
♥ POVs, internal shots, and lots of gulping!
♥ Includes a bonus page and a sneak peek at Bonnie's Body 2!
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Product Details:
Producer: Sheela
26 HQ Photos
3000x2500 PDF
Shrunken, Giantess, Vore, Sheela, Comic, Portfolio, Eating


4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. SmallFrye's Avatar
    Sheela is by far the best GTS comic artist out there. I'm not even that partial to vore!
  2. Richie Rich's Avatar
    Richie Ric...
    Sheela babe, great work. Can't wait to see what you're coming with next...
  3. Lazer's Avatar
    When I look at the stories in the worship section, there is something about making and handing in your story, how do I do this? Someone please tell me.
  4. Justin's Avatar
    When is Bonnie's Body two coming out?

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