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Chez Cheese

My friend Jo recently won the lottery and I invited him over for some wine and conversation. Little does he know that what I really want is access to that Swiss bank account in which all his money is stored. I slip a little potion into his wine and watch him shrink down down down.

Once he is tiny, I pick him up and place him on My kitchen counter- there is no escape for him there. I torment him with My hands, squeezing him, pressing on him... all to try to get that account number from him. He still resists! I threaten him with My feet, pinning him against the counter with My giant foot, pressing his helpless little body between the balls of My feet. I press his wriggling body between My tits, smothering him... finally he caves when I promise to put him back to normal size if he gives Me the number. He falls for it!

Once I have the number, I tell little Jo how stupid he is- I can't have him tattling on Me- no survivors! ;) I decide the best way to end his pathetic little life is to make a Jo and cheese sandwich. I make him watch as I slice the home-baked bread, smear on the mayo, layer 3 kinds of cheeses onto the tasty bread. Then after making him watch Me create his sentence, I pick Jo up off the counter and put him between two slices of cheese before eating the sandwich.

This video includes FX when Joe gets dropped into the sandwich. FX by Isabelle Shy. Music throughout.


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Product Details:
Producer: Isabelle Shy
23:29 minutes
1280x720 H.264
financial domination, shrinking, sandwich vore, cheeze, Isabelle Shy


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  1. Jo's Avatar
    Help, this woman kills without mercy. Extreme vore and amazing FX.

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