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Jason's Giantess Girlfriend

Jason's Girlfriend, Katelyn, wanted to do something special for him to relieve the stress he's been having from lots of bad luck lately. So, while he was at work she cleaned the entire house and then starting thinking of something else she could do to make him happy too!

"I GOT IT!" Katelyn thought up the perfect thing to get her boyfriend's mind off things. She bounced onto the couch, stripped off her shoes, and then snooped around the laptop to see what he likes to fap to. What better way to get your boyfriend's mind off things than to get his cock gone real good?!

When she first found his porn collection she was in shock. She wasn't sure if it was a joke? "No way, there's no way he would have this on the laptop as a Joke".

Katelyn started taking it seriously. "WOW! Wait, so he wants to be shrunken or crushed by a giant girl? A giant-ess? HAHAHA! I need to see more! Oh gosh, this is too much!"

After discovering his favorite folder it doesn't take her long to realize how insanely hot she is over his collection. She MUST touch herself! She rubs her pussy, and becomes so sexually overwhelmed that she actually ends up fucking herself with a glass dildo and hitachi wand while cumming to "Lyekka vs Tokio"


Two hours later, after her boyfriend's arrival home, she's pleased he enjoys the cleaning she did and tells him she has one more surprise. But what she wants first is just a kiss from her loving boyfriend. She teases him and gets him to come closer to her mouth... and then she steals a kiss from him!

The kiss makes him shrink, and he falls right onto her massive boobs. "Bet you weren't expecting that!"

She tells him not to worry, she just shrunk him. She tells him what she's been up to (cleaning, enjoying herself to his Giantess Fetish collection). She then starts to explore her body with him to start the discovery of what she personally likes about the fetish. She scrunches him in between her toes, drops her on her tongue and plays with him in her mouth, opens her mouth and gives him a ride into her boobs via a hot, sticky, long saliva string, squishes him around and in between her mountainous wet boobs, and feels him in her bra top. By the end of it, she's so sexually hot from playing with his tiny size that she leaves with him to the bedroom.

This giantess fetish girlfriend themed video features a very short cleaning into with upskirt shots, discovery of her boyfriend's fetish, Katelyn cums to a Giantess fetish video, shrinks her boyfriend with a kiss, scrunches him in between her toes with her bare soles exposed, licks and teases him with her mouth, spits him into her boobs, and squishes him between her boobs while super sexually hot and moaning.

*Special thanks to Jason for this custom video inspiration!*


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:54 minutes
1280x720 H.264
Includes Mobile Streaming!
gentle giantess, masturbation, between boobs, between toes, in mouth, bare soles, up skirt, shrinking, kiss, pink nails, foot tease, giantess fetish


3 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Carl88's Avatar
    Can't Get enough of this Video Story , Love It ! Giantess Katelyn is Gorgeous , but is that Your Real Name ? PS : Love Katelyn's Boob Crush ! What Size are Your Boobs / Bra Size ## ?
  2. sataboard's Avatar
    I never realized how awesome Katelyn's boobs are. I've been focusing way to much on her feet. I love everything about this clip except the parts with the dildo. I think if most wanted to see that they would search for regular porn.
  3. Kyle's Avatar
    I love you all might goddess Giantess Katelyn. The part with the drewl mmmm just down right amazing. I could only dream of being suspended in you mucus. That would be so heavenly.

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